Naturally Feminine Traits Black Women Possess, and How to Use Them to Enhance Overall Beauty

1. Health

Take care of your body. Workout and eat healthy. African Americans and people of African descent should not be eating diets that are high in meats and carbs. The natural diet for most Africans is fruits and vegetables. In fact one study was done where they have 100 African Americans and 100 Africans switch diets for 2 weeks and the results were astounding. After 2 weeks on the African diet, while African Americans took on a traditional African diet — high in fiber and low in fat, with plenty of vegetables, beans, and cornmeal, with little meat. African Americans got healthier and produced butyrate, a fatty acid made to prevent colon cancer. While the Africans who were on the African American "soul food" diet started growing cancerous cells. Try finding ways to eat better foods while keeping them tasting good.

2. Being fat isn't sexy. Get a smaller curvy body

You black women have natural curves and good fat distribution. Black women on average tend to gain weight on their butts, thighs, and breast. But from what I know, Black people love BIG everything. However, to a lot of people sometimes it's TOO big. A nice proportional butt is much better than the giant stretchmarked cellulite butt. It's all about proportion, but the key to being feminine is being petite to medium sized while keeping that proportion. Black women have the natural fat distribution to maintain a healthy figure while still keeping their shape. This is better to do this, than simply overeating.

Black women also have the smallest waist to hip ratio's than other races of women, which signifies the curviness they're known for. Having a small waist to hip ratio is a good thing, and is a major sign of curvaceousness and femininity.

3. Body Hair

Black people naturally have less body hair due to the fact that body hair wasn't needed to keep them warm like it was Europeans. So right off the bat you guys are super feminine in that aspect. However, I do notice because of this many black women don't shave because they feel they don't need to. Just because black people have less body hair than whites, doesn't mean you shouldn't shave what little body hair you do have. Trust me, people notice. So whip out that Gilette and get to shaving.

4. Try to look more petite.

Black people in general have denser bones and more bone mineral density than other races. It means your less likely to break bones than other races of people, and you have more natural nutrients in your bodies. However, you also have more lean muscle mass. Black skin has been proven to show muscle better than paler skin, and since muscle is seen as more masculine you're going to have to downplay that. Instead of doing high intensive workouts.

Do cardio, running, yoga, tai chi, etc... These give you lean muscle and keep you healthy but don't make you look bulky and muscular like many can be prone to be if you do to many high intensive weight lifting or exercises. Notice African women tend to be leaner and more petite than African Americans because they have different diets and do more cardio. Try focusing on that.

5. Try to look & act more innocent and womanly

Black people in this country are vilified and are given a bad rep. I understand that society and ones surroundings makes it so black women have to have an attitude and try to act hard, but it makes black women look more rough and masculine. Being loud, boisterous and aggressive scares people, and in turn scares men of all races away. Try speaking softly and wearing clothes that are more delicate and show off your beautiful skin tone. Wearing dresses instead of pants would do wonders. Lace, pastels, white, and soft blues and pinks look beautiful on dark brown skin. Wear soft colors during the day and save the bright flashy colors during the nighttime when you're going out with your girlfriends.

6. Make good use of those perfect full lips and shining white teeth

We all know black people have literally the best juiciest fullest feminine lips, so make sure to keep them moisturized and put them to good use kissing those boys. Don't be afraid to smile and laugh when a man comes up to you. Black people have beautiful white shining smiles that pop more against their darker skin. Don't hide it. Show it off.

7. Grow longer healthier hair: Don't wear harmful weaves, braids and please no more relaxers. Take care of your natural hair.

As we all know African American hair is different that other races. It grows upwards instead downwards and is more curly and tightly coiled. For women who are natural it's hard to tell the true length of their hair because it's so curly and afro hair shrinks often. For many natural black women the only way to tell the true length of their hair is for them to heat straighten or use chemical relaxers, however too much heat could do damage to their natural hair as well as the harmful chemicals in relaxers.

Weaves and braids also do damage and can recede black women's hairline which is known as traction alopecia. Yes weaves and braids are cute and convenient, but they do more harm than good. Try doing natural hairstyles like twist outs or crown braids. These are protective styles and help the hair grow healthy and strong and help you retain length. Plus their cute and feminine.

8. Don't wear too much makeup.

Black skin doesn't need as much makeup as lighter skin tones, so its bad that black women wear so much when makeup has been proven to do more damage to skin than help it. It clogs pores and takes away from the natural beauty dark skin already has. Dark skin is thicker and ages better naturally because of higher melanin content, so be sure to keep your skin moisturized and exfoliate, also drink lots of water. Dark skin has a natural shine and glow, don't take it away by wearing makeup.

9. Be more friendly

Sadly, African American women have a reputation for being mean and aggressive as well as rude to others. Urban culture sort of glamorizes being mean and aggressive, but this does black women no favors when it comes to being seen as feminine and in need of protection. Smile more, don't be sassy and rude, be more receptive to others. Don't try to push people away or make them scared of you. Say hello to people when you're walking down the street. It's ok if you're shy or introverted, but don't go out of your way to seem unapproachable.

10. Do Girly Things!

Have a tea party, or a slumber party with your best girlfriends. Start gardening and planting beautiful flowers and growing your own fruits and vegetables. Have a picnic with some friends. I would love to see more black women having get together with their girlfriends and just having fun. Stop and smell the flowers. You're beautiful and you're a woman.

These are all just suggestions from me. Yes I am a white woman but I do want my biracial daughter to grow up in a society that doesn't see her as less than and manly because of the color of her skin, and stereotype her.


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  • I think that a lot of black women are feminine, but they're still not my type. The reason why is because I grew up in a neighborhood full of whites, so I'm used to seeing them, despite not being white myself.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I agree with the ones that state facts.
    The ones where it says 'do feminine things', 'try to make yourself look more petite', 'be friendlier', 'Try to look & act more innocent and womanly' -.. these are not 'natural' traits. They're things you feel like a woman has to try to accomplish to make her seem more feminine. :(
    It's sad you think women (black or not) should do all of these things to look feminine, as if they don't look great right now?
    This take - as is Kate Hudson, half natural/half plastic.

    • @LittleSally you would be surprised how many people assume that because you're black, you're going to be aggressive and masculine. It happens to me all of the time, even with other black people. If you're black and you're the girly-girl type, you do have to act a bit different to be perceived as feminine. So, if you want to be perceived the way you are, you do need to "exaggerate" certain things. I think that's what the poster is trying to convey.

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What Guys Said 1

  • I <3 black women! When in shape they are the hottest and sexiest women.
    Agree about the hairless part , even black men have minimum body hair :) and huge muscles.
    As a black woman do you like very much hairy men or its a turn off?


What Girls Said 6

  • I'm black, and a lot of what you're saying is true. There's an idea that black women are hyper-aggressive, and acting hyper-feminine will make people treat you differently. Your daughter is likely to have some of those experiences, so it's good that - as a white woman - you understand how people are going to perceive her. At first, I was reading this and getting insulted. But the more I thought about what you're saying, I realized that you are right. I've even found myself dressing more feminine and trying to grow out my hair because of these exact reasons. There is a natural beauty to black women that is overlooked because of prejudices.

  • Nice take lol I already do all of these and I don't agree it's good for everyone. my advice is be yourself and be happy.

  • Number three is lies I tell you... lies.

  • Are you black. Cause I'm black and I can't really relate to most of this. African and African American are not the same thing. I'm not changing my whole diet. Fruits and veggies are delicious, but so is a burger. Number 2 is body shaming. Why is skinny with a big butt and boobs the only acceptable form of beautiful? Black women definitely have body bair. How the fuck do you try to look more petite. You can't choose to be petite. You can lose weight and that migh make you thinner but it won't make you any shorter. Why do we need to act innocent? How does a woman act womanly? If you're a black girl, growing up in the hood, and raised by a single parent you're going to have to toughen the fuck up. Not all black people were blessed with super plump lips. Unfortunately, that trait skipped right over me. Growing black hair is hard as fuck. Black hair needs a ton of moisture or else it breaks off. Growing long black hair takes a ton of work and dedication. My hair only reaches a little past my shoulders. How can you say no weaves or braids? If I paid for the weave I'll fucking wear it. And braids are natural hairstyles. Braids are protective hairstyles that were created to maintain black hair. I'm allowed to wear as much makeup as I want. Number 10 is just putting people in gender roles. The only thing that makes sense on here is number 9.


    • Why do you consider yourself unlucky not to have plump lips? Large lips are not attractive, despite the Kardashian bimbos having their ass fat pumped into their lips.

    • @zagor People are constantly joking about my thin lips. They say I have white people lips, fish lips, no lips, and more. Large lips can be very attractive.