13 of the Hottest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Cage Fighter Chicks Ever

This is a take where I will point out the hottest MMA girls and I will give them a brief summary these are in order.

13. Jessica Penne

She may not have the typical qualities that would make for an "attractive girl" but I always thought she had nice cute natural eyelashes and a certain cute look. A 115lbs fighter in the women's UFC straw-weight division she burst out on to the scene when entering the TUF show.

12. Alexis Davis

Perhaps not the most known face most of you probably don't even know who she is, but what I admire about her is that she doesn't wear make up in or out of the cage and while though she is far from the most attractive woman she has a respectful personality to go along with it. She is a Canadian veteran and former UFC bantam weight title contender. I'll take an average girl with a nice personality any day over a hot girl with a princess mentality.

11. Holly "The Preacher's Daughter" Holm

Most notorious for ending the reign of the seemingly unbeatable former UFC woman's bantam weight champion Ronda Rousey. A former boxing champion this woman is an inspiration she showed that the boxer can successfully transition into MMA. Another thing I find attractive about her is that she respects her opponents inside and outside the cage which you will rarely see in fighters even after all the trash talk Ronda dished out on her she still showed her respect after knocking her out. She has cute freckles and looks like an innocent blonde, but is ferocious with her punches and kicks.

10. Carla Esparza

Best known for winning the UFC straw weight women's title in the TUF finale. Although I admit I did not like her attitude during the filming of the TUF show in the house she had a very bitchy attitude at times you have to give respect where respect is due she has a pretty cute face and a pretty nice body as well. Oh by the way for those of you who don't know she is the one with the black hair lol.

9. Cat Alpha Zingano

This woman has beaten some of the best female fighters and former champions, but has never become champion herself. Yet she still looks sexy as fuck, she has curves in all the right places as Meghan Trainor would say. She is the one on the left for you who don't know who she is.

8. Alex Chambers

An Australian female MMA fighter and the very first Australian UFC female fighter. She may not have the best record as a matter of fact far from it, but lets set the record straight she is certainly hot that's for sure.

7. Karolina Kowalkiewicz

A 115lbs Polish title contender she is undefeated although technically not because she had a exhibition bout with the current straw weight champion and lost by rear naked choke she is still technically considered as undefeated in the world of MMA as being 10-0. This Polish girl has that really sexy European style face to her that just really reels you in.

6. Randa Markos

Another woman who burst out on the scene in the first female TUF show with the belt on the line. A former Native from Iraq ;) so we know she is middle eastern. Then she moved to Canada and trained in MMA to then finally meet Firas Zahabi the owner of the Tri Star gym one of the most successful training camps ever in MMA. I just love her raw dusky white sexy look she is so hot.

5. Lena Ovchynnikova

This is the very first female Ukrainian fighter currently and she is hot as hell lol. Look how good she looks in those cow girl outfits then again she would look good in anything. She looks like a female role playing action hero straight out of a movie I certainly wouldn't mind Hollywood casting in some of those types of movies ;).

4. Paige VanZant

A UFC 115lbs straw weight fighter training at team alpha male. You people who aren't MMA fans may best well know her as the mma fighter who went on dancing with the stars tv show. If there is ever an example of what you want to know how a cute and sexy woman looks like she is the perfect example. I hate to watch her go, but I love to see her leave lol.

3. Gina Carano

Most people would say that Ronda Rousey was the woman who changed female mma and was really the reason why everyone started to watch which maybe be true, but Gina Carano was actually the very first chick to make MMA fans look at female cage fighting differently. And now you know why :*. This woman retired after 2011 and hasn't fought since, but don't worry she is living a great life she stars in movie roles now :).

2. Michelle "The Karate Hottie" Waterson

To be honest I wanted to put Meisha Tate as number 2 and Michelle Waterson as number one, but personally to me its actually a tie between the both of them I just can't choose. And guys this chick used to be a model too ;) so this makes it extra unique that she is also a MMA fighter she even was the former UFC Invicta champion. This Asian is just to sexy and beautiful to resist making her my all time favorite MMA fighter not to mention she is a pretty good ass kicker too. Also fun fact she was on an episode of Bully Beatdown I thought that was pretty cool.

1. Miesha Tate

A former UFC strikeforce and former UFC woman's bantam weight champion. This woman has the perfect body that every man desires and the face to go along with it its no wonder she is a favorite from most men.

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  • Wow, most of those don't even look like cage fighters. So cool. =)


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  • i dont get why y'all are into fighter chicks. its a turn off to me. some of these girl are pretty and not too muscular, but the natural aggressiveness of fighting is a turnoff to me.
    p:s im okay with girls learnibg martial arts.
    just not into professional fighter chicks.


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  • does learning martial arts get them those figures? or some exercise regimen? because i've been studying martial arts for over a decade now and i'm a black belt 1st dan - master in Aikido (with my own class even), and a brown belt 1st Kyu in Judo and soon to get my black belt there as well, and also started practicing Kyūdō (japanese archery) but i'm still a novice in that, yet i'm still almost the same figure as i was when i started :\

    • sidenote: i know that i shouldn't be a kyu in Judo because i'm already an adult, but i'm not about to question my sensei either, even if i am technically a sensei in Aikido.

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    • sounds interesting. shoot ahead!

    • Shoot ahead. I don't think any of those contradict anything I'm saying, and if your theory is correct why are you complaining that your figure hasn't changed since when you started?

  • interesting


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  • List of hot girls who could beat the crap out of me. Hmm... sounds good.

  • MMA girls are among my favorites, especially Gina, Paige, Michelle, Lena and Miesha ;)

  • What happened to the olden days of GAG

  • Paige is my favorite here <3

  • alexis davis and randa markos looks soo hot

  • Cupcake Tate, really? She's alright. Out of your list, I'll go with Gina Carano.

    • I actually had it as a tie between michelle waterson and her and yeah gina is the bomb dude.

  • 4. and 5. Are the hottest on this list

  • They can rape me whenever they want.

  • I got a boner :/