4 Steps I've Learned That'll Increase Your Natural Beauty

Admit it, we all want to look great. Whether that be with or without makeup. But over the years I've found some ways to boost my confidence even without the use of makeup. So you can look and feel your best without covering your face in makeup.

1. Maintain those brows

We all see pictures of celebs with perfect brows and how they always seem to be perfect. One thing I've learned is having well shaped and maintained brows can instantly frame and give dimension to your face. Nicely shaped brows draw attention to your eyes which are a key feature to natural beauty. Don't try to shape your brows too far from their natural shape though or else they may look unattractive and like they don't match your face. Try to mostly follow the natural shape of your brow.

2. Get enough sleep...seriously

I know with our busy lives this can be hard but in reality a lack of sleep can cause under eye circles and dull, depleted looking skin which in turn takes away from natural beauty and glow. I've experienced this first hand and I've seen the difference in my overall skin tone and glow when I've been running in 2 hrs of sleep vs. 8 hrs.

3. Sunscreen,sunscreen,sunscreen

One thing I've noticed that really can take a toll on your skin is sun. Using a non-comedigenic sunscreen on your face during those sunny days can be a life saver. Sun can cause premature wrinkling, red peeling sunburn, and lots and lots of freckles. By protecting your delicate face skin from the harsh rays you could be saving yourself and your skin some grief. I like to use the Eucerin daily mostuizer with sun protectant as my sunblock of choice for my face. It won't clog pores and is very lightweight.

4. Salcylic Acid

One of the things I think that really is good for natural beauty is clear skin. If you have blemishes and acne a face wash with a bit of salvylic acid can be great for clearing up skin. Just make sure to mostuizer afterward. I like the brand Aveeno daily face wash clear complexion.

And those is are my tips to enhance natural beauty!!


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  • Good tips, I showed my wife.

    • Are you saying she wears too mcuh makeup, she's ugly or just plain advice?

    • @FanGirl67 lol can a guy show beauty tips to his wife without being accused of thinking she's ugly or needs to lay off the makeup? these are just helpful tips that a girl might appreciate seeing bc she might learn something new or interesting and most girls love that stuff. lol no need to fly off the handle

    • @FanGirl67 Honestly it was just advice.. Why do you feminist girls always go there

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yup, I can agree with this. =)

    I know a lot of people say sunscreen and sunblock is not healthy, but what is the alternative? Being baked by the extremely dangerous sun that's in the sky nowadays? Nope... not a healthier option.


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  • Great article!

  • I always wonder why some people don't take care of their skin?

  • Nice article!

  • Gosh! It was just simple curiosity!