7 Reasons Why Women Will Always Prefer Clean-Shaven Guys Over Bearded Guys

Beards here, beards there….beards everywhere! We have reached to the point where beardy guys are the majority than the clean-shaven ones. Particularly among the 18-40 year old male population, because in older ages things are different (thankfully).

(In alphabetical order)

1) Beards are a current trend

This one is the biggest reason among all in my opinion.

In the 80s, in the 90s and in the 00s, most men were shaved, and they were still getting the chicks. In the 70s only beards were in, but by that time it was the thick hermitish beard. Now it's the thin 3-4 days old beard. No big difference to me, because beards are beards no matter how long or thick they are. 50s and 60s were also clean-shaven eras.

Suddenly, since the rise of the new decade, beardy guys were multiplied and people who never had a beard started to grow one in order to look in. See most male celebrities ( those that have been around for more than a decade). See how they looked a decade ago and see how they look now.

2) Beards are a sign of insecurity

Beards are said to hide your face flaws. For example a fat guy can hide his face fat (still he cannot become thinner, because his belly fat cannot be hidden). Likewise a guy with pimples can hide his pimples. To sum it up, it means you are not fond of your facial features.

3) Kissing is better

I can’t imagine a woman kissing a guy with a beard. Isn’t it kinda gross to eat hair? Not to mention when you eat, if in case you eat something saucy, all the sauces get stuck on your beard. Yuck.

4) Most people don’t know why they grow a beard.

Most common excuse is I am bored of shaving. Well you know what? I am bored of shaving too, but I do it in order to appear good-looking. No, the reason why you do it is because you see most guys nowadays have beards (see reason #1). You are just copying what you see. Do women like copycats? No.

But in fact beards must be grown for a reason. For example Orthodox priests (see picture above) grow beards as a sign of ignoring physical appearance and focusing on their inner selves. Such people have a reason actually. But doing it because it’s “in” is no reason.

5) Some guys cannot grow a full beard.

This patchy beard is worse than full beard. Why? Because it means the guy who wears it means he is desperate to grow a beard, because he thinks he could get more chicks that way (haha!). Better go clean-shaven because it looks really weird on you.

6) They make you look older

In most cases men are older when they date a girl. For example is more common to see a 30 year old man with a 25 year old woman than the other way round. Eh, now imagine this 30 year old guy with a beard and then imagine him clean-shaved. With beard he would look like her dad. Unless the girl likes being with a guy who looks like her dad, then I don’t think she would like it.

7) Women like guys who care about their appearance

And shaving your face means you care about your appearance.


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  • I completely agree with you. Beards are nothing more than a trend that show insecurity and are utterly unattractive.


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  • This is true because this is why girls like my clean-shaven face over the bearded ones 😂


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What Girls Said 8

  • I think OP can't grow a beard.

    • If you read the whole MyTake you would realize whether I can or not. But I forgot, you are so damn backwards in your world where men who shave are gay.

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    • And thats the story about the beardless guy who died a virgin for not knowing how treat women.

    • Have an awesome upvote by me, lady ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

  • Not into beards (prob in the minority here hahah)
    I agree.

  • yeah ı prefer shaved too

  • I love a beard... but it has to be neat and not one of those duck dynasty ones.

  • Nicely kept beards, not the ovverkept hipster look or the homeless person ones are very sexy.

  • ıt looks great on some

  • bearded guys are not hot in my opinion.

  • I hope you don't start saying that pubes are a sign of insecurity too. WTF, GUYS BEARDS ROCK


What Guys Said 17

  • Looks like someone didn't hit puberty.

  • 1. www.bing.com/.../search
    Clearly a recent trend. Except for all of history prior to the most recent part of history.
    2. No. Thats just, no. People have worn beards and rarely is it to hide facial flaws, in fact one could argue that the only reason why you shave is because you can't grow a proper beard. Whats the difference?
    3. I have never kissed a man, bearded or otherwise so I'll have to take your word for it.
    4. So what? Why do people shave? "because reasons". If they like it they like it it doesn't matter if you don't.
    5. Irrelevent, some guys can't why would that affect the ones who can?
    6. Nope. That is honestly a personal view, some times it can to be sure but not always. Also whats wrong with looking older?
    7. Do you know the maintenance that goes into beards? You have to comb it and oil it and shampoo and condition it. Meanwhile shaving is the lazy route.
    Mainly who cares? Its not you so why bother caring, its like some one claiming a person who shaves is less of a man how the hell does that affect you?

  • Beards a sign of insecurity?
    What utter bullshit!
    When I was a television present and served with the Army Reserve (with some full-time service here and there) I shaved.
    After I went on to the inactive list I grew a beard. I would venture to say that most former soldiers grow beards, because they realise quickly what utter bullshit shaving is.
    Being required to shave every day in the bush, when you are filthy; cannot wash your face because there is limited water; cannot spare the water to shave but have to do it anyway; and end up ripping your face to pieces and destroying expensive razor heads daily, causes most people to stop shaving completely once they are no longer in uniform.
    A beard is wonderful natural face camouflage for a soldier. So, the Colonel Blimp types demand that the soldier shaves daily, rips his face to pieces in the process, then has to cover his face with charcoal and dirt to stop his shiny freshly-shaven face standing out in the bush. The mentality is too stupid for words.
    When I was shaven I could almost not get a date.
    After I grew a short beard, women were much more interested.
    One such woman said to me: "A man without a beard is like a lion without a maine."

  • Looks like you didn't hit puberty and can't grow facial hair

    • I like how everyone assumes this. Honestly I would rather die than have a beard for my whole life.

      My whole point is to make you realize that it's nothing more than a trend. A trend that it will die sooner or later.

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    • If you believe that every guy wants to grow a beard then you are stupid.

      And I told you I wish I couldn't grow. Now why you don't believe me... guess it's the way your family brought you up to have these beliefs. I cannot blame you.

    • Lmaoo i used to like beards since a little girl and all my friends like them so...

  • 1. Trend or not, I always loved beards, always will. I have my beard regardless.
    2. Big fat no. Why does everybody else shaves? Is it because of conforming?
    3. I'm a virgin, who never kissed
    4. I do. Because they are awesome!
    5. Not my case
    6. Not always but they make you look more serious. That's me.
    7. A beard can be a sign of caring appearance just as well... if you do it right. Git gud.

    It seems like you are looking for an excuse and confirmations by the others for why you should not have a beard. But I think you just cannot grow one and try to find comfort in it ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

    • See my answer towards RedStang. Not everyone follows your 10s culture.

    • I still respect your decision but having a beard is not so bad as you claim it to be.

    • I still cannot capture in my mind, why most guys want to look older than their age? OK I understand if you are in the US (where minimum legal age for drinking is 21) and you are 20 and you want to have a drink. Otherwise... I just consider it one of the most unexplained mysteries of the world.

      To be honest I wanted to look older before I turned 18, but afterwards I changed and I wanted to look younger than my age.

      And that's why I keep myself skinny as well.

  • Wut, beards are in? I always gotten the impression most women for example hate beards really and ya that generally a lot more shave than not. I just always had beard since I grew one sort of. Feel naked without it really at this point. What is in or not I never given any shit about, dont wear one to attract anyone. Im just me and comfy it.

    Which yes, nr 3, beards have certainly nothing to do with insecurity, im sure in a few cases it might be, but same can be said for shaven people too no doubt. Insecure to have beard cause afraid how it might make them look to the opposite sex. Cause I certainly seen several times now over the years, where people refuse to grow one just beacuse many women hate beards, which is an insecurity really to let the other gender dictate how you gonna look or how you maybe even want to look.

    In either case, if beards are in. Maybe I would bump up from a 0/10 to 1/10.


    • Beards make you OLDER and it's a fact that nobody can deny it. Why would I want to look older than my age? I am 25 and people pass me 18-20 because I shave. Otherwise i would look 30.

    • Well can be an advantage n general at least. Its good to look older as a male and "good" to look younger as female for some reasone, at least in general again. In either case though, just go with whatever you feel like, whatever speaks to you or what you are comfortable with.

  • 1 - Its a bit more popular, but definitely not a trend. Plenty of guys have had beards for a very long time, and will for a long time yet.
    2 - Well, yeah. If you could improve your looks by growing a beard, why the hell wouldn't you?
    4 - Why do you shave? Because everybody else does it?
    6 - Again, part of the reason why.
    7 - It does take effort to maintain.

    • I wanted to give up this MyTake because I cannot afford any more stupidity but I will answer only to #4.

      Why do I shave? Because:

      - It makes me look younger
      - I am skinny and beard looks gross on skinny people
      - I am very much into the 80s culture, and in the 80s most artists were clean-shaven (I also have the "80s big hair" ). Beards are very 10s.
      - And of course, I believe I look attractive. I remember there was a time when I was sick for 3-4 days, and I couldn't shave because I was feeling dizzy. I freaked out when I saw myself after 4 days being unshaved.

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    • what? everybody is formal unless you have no manners. thats just the way it works. if thats really your problem then maybe its the way you dress? your hair style? your facial expressions? your posture?

    • @Bobbyhill1 Oh my God, I don't dress adultish at all.


      I am clean-shaven (cuts off years from my age)
      I am skinny (cuts off years)
      I am under average height for a guy (cuts off years)
      I have youngish hairdo (cuts off years)
      I speak really really informal (cuts off years)
      I chew gum constantly (cuts off years)

      I don't know what the hell I do wrong, but fuck it I feel insulted if people treat me formally.

      I generally have this bad boy attitude towards everyone, and I don't behave like your typical boring adult.

      They might even think I am married with kids or something like that... gosh, only the thought scares me.

      Anyway, formal speaking in my mother tongue is different, so I cannot give an accurate translation about how they talk to me.

      But to give you an example, when I go to the grocery store, the cashier will talk to me THE VERY SAME WAY he/she talked to the 75 year old grandpa who was in front of me.

  • good one

  • I think the reason women usually choose a clean shaven man over a bearded one is because she percieves it as "he must care about how he looks," which seems to convey confidence. Although there was a study done where women actually preferred heavy stubble over anything else ie. clean shaven or fully bearded. In the end it comes down to personal preference really. by the way, from a bearded man himself, what caused you to have all these, in my opinion negative, views of beards?

    • That this TREND (I must underline this word) is ridiculous. All men grow a beard without knowing why. They just go on with the flow.

      In your opinion why in the 80s-90s-00s men chose to be clean-shaven... and suddenly they decided to grow a beard (and shave their sides on their hair which is also ridiculous)?

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    • Minority? Actually 9 out of 10 of the guys around my age and in their 30s have beards. Others have thinner ones and others thicker, but the fact they have is a fact.

    • Hmm. I guess its different where you live. Moat people around me are shaved.

  • Nope, women are clearly divided about this and considering beards or heavy stubble are hallmarks of the fuckboy look they seem to be popular among at least a sizeable minority of women.

  • I love a girl with a beard.

  • Short beards look ok, but anything longer than 1 inch looks like shit.

  • Awe is op only able to get some peach fuzz? Lmao

  • There is a huge difference between a beard which is just left to grown and a beard which was meant to be grown. And it is quite noticeable.

  • Haha lol.

  • I assume you're a girl because you've actually experienced kissing a guy with a beard, correct?

    • Worst comment among ALL... how am I a GIRL now? I really regret for posting this MyTake...

  • Did a bearded man steal your girl? Or you just can't grow one yourself? Why so negative about what other people want to do? It doesn't hurt you.
    A beard is a symbol of manliness and power and is a privilege of manhood.
    For disparaging a great aspect of manhood; in the month of November no less, you are hearby warned.

    • Reason #1 says it all. It's a TREND. Need to say more?

    • Kings from the beginning of times had beards. It's a symbol of power and virility.

    • @ElissaDido Fuck ancient times, we're talking about modern times. See actors/musicians from 80s-90s-00s and see current ones.

      You see the difference?