5 Reasons Why Bald Men Are Sexy as Hell

Why I Find Bald Men Sexy

I am old enough to remember the era of the comb-over and believe me, there were a lot worse looks than Donald's Trump's. A large percentage of my male teachers -- in their 30s and 40s -- sported these awful hairstyles where the hair on the side of the head would be grown long, then placed over the top like a strip of bacon.

But I love bald men. Bald men can ooze manliness and sex appeal and it’s no coincidence that the majority of Hollywood action heroes are follically challenged.


5 Reasons Why Bald Men Are Sexy as Hell

Bald men can roll out of bed and look sexy in whatever they put on, since they don’t have to worry about their hair sticking up at random angles all over their head.


From afar, I tend to notice a guy’s hair first.If he happens to be bald, then it forces me to take notice of other things about him instead.I might notice his smile, the way he stands, his facial expressions, the way he gestures when he talks, or any number of #things that would have been noticed after his hairdo.

5 Reasons Why Bald Men Are Sexy as Hell


Any man who can accept that he has no hair and not pull out a toupee to try to look younger, is definitely someone to be admired. He accepts his #body is changing and that's a good thing.

Men who are adaptable, especially when it comes to being bald, are men that can accept physical changes #womengo through too.

5 Reasons Why Bald Men Are Sexy as Hell

My generation was the first to embrace the shaved head look, and man, what a difference. Finally, a style that actually looked youthful (combovers are horribly aging) that guys with thinning hair could embrace! Besides the way it looked, it also gave the man an air of confidence. He wouldn't have to worry about the pasted-over bacon strip falling over while walking outside, speaking in front of a crowd, playing soccer or whatever.


I don't want to date any guy who spends more time on his hair than I do.

5 Reasons Why Bald Men Are Sexy as Hell
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  • Anonymous
    I love me a thick mane on a man... I wouldn't pick baldness out of a catalog. But life and love isn't a catalog and you love the whole person, not just one detail.
    Is this still revelant?
    • dcoolguy

      Ya wel said.

    • Margillard

      @dcoolguy Most women feel the same. There has never been a bald lover on the cover art of a romance novel.

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  • oldbaldguy
    Thanks for the encouragement! :)

    Most (younger?) women prefer guys with hair, but there are DEFINITELY women who find bald guys sexy. Some of these women are hot as hell. So, guys, if you're going bald, it is only the end of part of the world, not the entire world.

    • Beaver19

      The end of dating 18-22 year old women though you think?

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    "I am old enough to remember the era of the comb-over and believe me, there were a lot worse looks than Donald's Trump's."

    you're 17. you ain't old enough to remember any era :D
  • Kinstrome
    Glad to hear it, because I'm headed in the balding direction sooner or later.
  • MaskedSanity
    I'm into men with very long hair, below the shoulders type long.

    Boyfriend currently has long hair, however because he never met his dad (guy just ran away when he found out mom was preggers), so we don't know whether he has predisposition to baldness.

    He's 26 and so far no hair loss. Fingers crossed.
  • Billyscotter
    Since every point is about shaved heads. You should've titled the MyTake "why shaved heads are sexy". And besides, you're too young to have anything meaningful to say about baldness. All the pics are of guys who shave their heads to combat male pattern baldness, and will go to jail if they slept with you, so it's hard to take what you say about the subject seriously.
  • AhGojira
    It's funny how many girls hate on shaved heads on this site. I use to have thick brown hair like every guy... I shaved it off the summer between 6th and 7th grade and instantly I had every hot girls rubbing her hands all over my head. :D I didn't do it for that reason, but there was a definite sexual escalation...
  • Hastsezini
    Glad to know the couple minutes I take a day to shave what little hair I have left isn't going unnoticed.

    Good post.
  • Fearless_banana
    Lol. I'm losing my hair already. It sucks.. As long as I keep working out and maintain a nice build/tan I think I'll be good. I was more attractive when I had hair though.
    • takumii

      As long as you're not losing pubes, its fine with me.

    • mystintri

      Bald = less attractive, but most dominant.

  • somebodysaycheese
    No, I'm just not attracted to it. It signifies old and rusty to me. Not attractive at all. but hey someone has to love the bald guys, it just won't be me.
    • Beaver19

      Would you say most young women who are attractive find it a turn off? I don't see how's it old or rusty though, I lost mine at 18 to shock and you're saying I look old?

    • @Beaver19 lol, I can't speak for all women, its a preference. Unless your hot then you won't look old. Im just not into it.

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  • Artist20
    I been rockin' the bald look for a while now and I like it. Some girls will like it too and some won't, can't please everyone.
    • mystintri

      And the ones who do seem to REALLY like it.

    • Beaver19

      Would you say 18-22 years girls are not for it?

    • mystintri

      @Beaver19 They are. I've had some gorgeous and fun 20-21 year old girls love it.

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  • kat_gran
    Nope... I don't like bald men. Period. I want hair on your head so I can grab it and feel its nice soft touch :)
    • kat_gran

      @Beaver19 hahah well I mean he is good looking!
      And if he is awesome, yeah id probably date him BUT i prefer hair on your head...
      But it does not mean that i could NEVER EVER date a bald person, crazy shit happens sometimes :p lol

    • Beaver19

      It's me and I lost it at 17 to shock my body went through, it aged follicles 40 years in 7 months doctors agreed. So I shaved what's left. I get a perfectly good head of hair is the preference to most but if I could ask, is no hair a 'deal breaker' category on me given I pull it?

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  • John_Doesnt
    17 and you think you're old enough to remember an era? No, just no.
    • "Hey, remember the 90s! I was one year old! It was AWESOME!"

    • @meatballs21 You're 36 so you probably do remember the 90's.

    • I was refering to the MyTake Author. For me the equivalent would be claiming I can remember the 70s.

  • Under_Maps_OF_twigs
    My sister and mom does like bald men. I think women who claim they do really don't. I think women just can't find men with hair a lot because men tend to lose their hair at earlier ages than men in the past.
  • lilac_flowers
    Bald guys can look as good as a guy with any hairdo under the sun. But a bit of a stubble makes them really hot.
  • oldanddecrepid
    I have been shaving my head completely since I was 18. I just prefer it. I get up and go- no hassles. I work outside so it gets tanned up a little in the summer. I have brown eyes and a good facial hair.

    In regards to women, it depends on the girl. Some girls like the feel of it and say its sexy. Like any guy though, hairless or not, you get some girls that like you for your appearance, and some that don't.

    I think I dress well, my white/off white Tommy Bahama shirts and ripped skinny jeans and bare feet is my staple when I am out on the sailboat or lounging at home. That is just typical me.

    I think my attitude and the fact that I am not a lazy slob, also helps.

    • Sorry, nice take by the way!

    • Beaver19

      How did you fare with women 18-22 range when you were younger? We're women that young basically a no go due to a shaved head?

    • @Beaver19 Yes, but the 25-29 range really liked it. I liked the mature women, they were more fun and more experienced.

      Now it has changed around considerably, before my current girlfriend I had a quite a few 24-33 year old's approach me.

      It kind of works the opposite for shaved head guys, which is not entirely a bad thing!

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  • _Steven_
    I'll try to remember this when I'm in my 40's to early 50's 😉...
    Nice post by the way.
    • Beaver19

      Um guys typically lose hair in their 30's I lost mine at 17-your age

    • _Steven_

      @Beaver19 Damn okay... Luckily I still have a full head of hair

  • RaggaMon
    They're not bald by choice, they're bald because they lost the genetic lottery. lol
  • Jennifer94
    Hmm no I like nice hair. If a guy has a receding hairline I don't care if he's hot, but I like hair not bald...
  • Catalie
    Now look at the men in the pictures and imagine them with hair. Intantly
    • Beaver19

      Take it you wouldn't date a guy with no hair?

    • Catalie

      @Beaver19 No, I probably would. I don't base whether or not I date someone based on their looks. It's more their personality. So if a guy had a great personality but he was bald, so what? I would still date him. I just think guys are much better looking with hair.

    • Beaver19


      I get if I had perfect hair it'd be better but would you say I look good without it. Sounds dumb but 'rate' me-I can't believe I just typed that.

  • maaaaax
    Funny thing is that your #1 pick is all over the interwebs as an example of someone who looks bad bald.
  • akadatank44
    I'm kinda bald I have a buzzcut. Not loosing my hair it's just easier to deal with. Plus it's nice and sift 😉
  • JiingJjingi
    It doesn't look clean cut. It looks like he was too lazy to comb his hair every day, so he thought he'd shave it off and look like a naked molerat.
    • Beaver19

      What if he lost his hair to a condition like I did at 18? Is that too lazy? You wouldn't date a guy because of hair? It's an accessory not part of physicality.

    • LMAO

  • bluenose1872
    Suprised you never put jason stratham up. He looks cool as a baldy
  • Kim87
    I like my men with hair, much sexier and fun, super cute.
    • Beaver19

      So a guy can't look good without hair?


    • Kim87

      @Beaver19 hi, it depends on how a guy looks, some guys who shave off all their hair look like criminals but not all. You are attractive and while you have no hair, i see that more eyes will be focusing on your face, your eyes and lips, rather than whats not on top of your head.

    • Beaver19

      So is bald a deal breaker to you or to most my age would you say? Or is it more just against preference.

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  • adrianalima0
    Some honestly are. But that's because they are in decent shape and have attractive faces.
  • MoonlitSonata
    I lost my hair to stress+illness. Now I go bald. I like it better honestly, but I did like having the option of hair lol.
  • skinningk20
    Vin dieselllllllllllllllllllll😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👌🏼👌🏼
  • koko124
    "I am old enough to remember the era of the comb-over"

    lol you're still in high school kid
  • XoxoXxx
    I personally prefer men with hair but each to their own. :)
    • Beaver19

      Would you date a bald guy this young?

  • Ms_Sadness
    I've always loved bald men, but it varies with each women so don't go off of woman's opinion.
  • Shameel
    it's like a huge LOOOOOOOL
    hunchbacks and skinny-fat are probably even sexier hahaha
  • BruceTrails
    l wuld buy the craziest looking wig if I ever get bald.
  • vekin
    I am confuced now no hair or long hair (see question about long hair)
  • Touglyforfemales
    Here's another thing I must add to way women find me ugly.
  • vnmc223320203
    you have to be high testosterone and chiselled to pull it off though
  • ConsultantIsBack
    Im honestly do terrified about losing my hair
    • bald jacked guys are hot too!!!

    • Haha ok

    • amazon-boy

      @sparkly-crystal you are so darn confusing. So you like bad boys, good guys, jacked guys, bald guys, ugly guys, old guys and also geeky guys!!!

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  • thewanderingme
    biggest physical turn off in men.
    • dcoolguy

      You mean shaved bald heads are biggest turn off?

    • @dcoolguy shaved or fallen out, yes.

    • dcoolguy

      You dislike bald/shaved/balding men

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  • Jxpxtxr
    Haha it's a preference like every other after all.
  • vishna
    Billy Zane <3
  • MyUsernameRules
    Guys can only pull off bald look if they are buff.
    • Beaver19

      Not true I'm 136 lbs and I rock it.

  • BelleGirl21
    @Levin finally a take for you love 😉💚
    • Levin

      Looks at b-girl sceptically :P

      It's a good take though!

    • @Levin you know I love those sceptical eyes lol

  • JohnMike999
    lol not having hair is sad
  • blondfrog
    You think I am sexy? :)
  • ItVariesGL
    You only think that because witch hunter is Caine.
  • IncelGod
    ur face is sexy as hell
  • Anonymous
    Marco D'amore... just yummy!
  • Anonymous
    You must swoon over Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Anonymous
    are buzz cuts ok? thats what i have. how come you didn't answer my post here?
  • Anonymous

    • Anonymous


    • chintita

      u can't tag if ur anon, hon

    • Beaver19

      It's good to know but look at the other comments, the kind of calibre girls I go for, even though I do want something real, are attractive enough they can have any guy with hair. I won't settle or accept an average or plain girl and the vast majority even in these comments are against it.

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  • Anonymous
    Yep even that's considered sexier than being 6'9