Prom Dresses: Choosing The Right One

Going to the prom for any girl is all about the dress. Finding the perfect dress is an adventure that happens for months before the start of prom. Going through racks of the popular style of dresses at shops that are geared to focus on prom dresses can take forever.

What types of dresses are right for the prom?

1 - Going to a bridal shop during the off season (Feb-April) will ensure that the “in” dresses will be in stock and easy to order.

2 - Go through all of the prom magazines and bring in ideas for what dresses she may want. This will give the sales people ideas of what to fill the fitting rooms with.

3 - Throughout the experience of shopping for a prom dress, it is important to find a dress that fits the body type of the young lady that is buying it, and also makes her feel amazing throughout the entire night.

4 - Most prom dresses are shown as long ball gowns. However, with the 80’s styles becoming more in fashion, one could wear a shorter cocktail dress as well.

5 - Dresses can be found in long formals standard solid colors, or be short, funky prints. There are long strapless ball gowns in zebra prints and short knee length cocktail dresses in hot pint.

6 - The tops of the prom dresses also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are halter top dresses to give extra support, as well as spaghetti strap and strapless dresses that show off the back and shoulders. All of these party dresses come in both formal long gowns as well as the short spunky lengths.

Floor Length Prom Dresses

Long Prom Dress

How does one pick the right dress for the prom?

1 - It is recommended that all of the girls going to the prom in your party go dress shopping together. This will be a fun adventure and it will also ensure that each of the dresses that are picked is different from one and another.

2 - It is also great to get the opinions of how each dress fits. Have her try on dresses that she would normally not pick. It will most likely be the winning dress! Picking patterns or cuts that are not in her normal wardrobe will create an exotic look and allow her to stand out at her prom.

3- It is also important to have the party dress altered to fit the body; a dress that is too large or too tight will result in being uncomfortable for the entire night.

Choosing a prom dress can be a bit stressful, but finding the right one can be rewarding and wonderful!

Fun and Chic Short Prom Dresses

Short Prom Dress


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  • I definitely agree with going to a bridal store. I went to David's Bridal February and found a gorgeous (and pretty inexpensive) strapless gown. They had so many colors lengths and styles that fit the kind of simple elegant style I was looking for.

  • Some great points--I wore a dress to my prom my junior year that didn't quite fit correctly, and that's what I remember the most. Ugh. Tailoring is a must!