Why you shouldn’t 'appreciate' Instagram models?

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, scrolling through Instagram and finding ‘Instagram models’, admiring their perfectly sculpted body, their clear beautiful skin and so on. Some of them, seem too beautiful to even exist.

Let’s take an example.

Anastasiya Kvitko.

Why you shouldn’t 'appreciate' Instagram models?

Everything about her looks flawless.

Why you shouldn’t 'appreciate' Instagram models?

Too flawless.

Why you shouldn’t 'appreciate' Instagram models?

But remember, these are pictures posted by her. :)

Now let’s see some pictures made by the paparazzi.

Why you shouldn’t 'appreciate' Instagram models?

Uh, not so perfect anymore?

Let’s see more pictures!

Why you shouldn’t 'appreciate' Instagram models?
Why you shouldn’t 'appreciate' Instagram models?
Why you shouldn’t 'appreciate' Instagram models?
Why you shouldn’t 'appreciate' Instagram models?

Damn.. see the difference?

The pictures posted by her are very very photoshopped.

I did not made this post because I’m jealous or I hate her, nor the other Instagram models.

I’ve made this post for the girls who bring themselves down and are insecure because they can’t look like the infamous instagram models.

Dolls, not everything you see online is real, stop bringing yourselves down because you don’t look like one of them. Every woman/ girl is unique in her own way! Perfection isn’t real:) we all have flaws.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Why you shouldn’t 'appreciate' Instagram models?
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Most Helpful Guys

  • fashionguy17

    I work with a lingerie/women clothing company part time (I have various jobs and gigs) and I have met a LOT of Instagram models. So, let me tell you this:

    There are some Instagram models that have REAL bodies and actually put in REAL work in the gym to achieve their bodies. Those are the models I RESPECT.

    There are also A TON of Instagram models who have fake bodies and they pretend they put in work at the gym and pretend they are natural, which I DO NOT respect.

    Also, it's important to note that A LOT of Instagram models are "purchased". They have rich suitors (sugar daddies) who pay for their expensive vacations and what not. It's really sad.

    I also know a model (won't disclose her name), but she told me that she spend $40,000 on her body. $40,000 dollars. For what? Just to get 1-2 million followers? Just to get more sugar daddies? Just to create an onlyfans accounts?

    Don't get my wrong... being an Instagram model can be pretty lucrative, especially when people (MEN) pay to see you naked on your onlyfans account, but it's a shortcut in life, in my opinion.

    I prefer my woman to be educated, natural and doesn't do that kind of stuff for a buck.

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    • I also think it's sad that men sign up for instagram model onlyfans account.

      Here is an example of onlyfans:

      It's a subscription site where you pay a monthly fee and you can leave tips to see your favorite instagram model naked. They make nude videos and take nude photos... and men will ACTUALLY pay the monthly fee to see them naked. Some instagram models charge $5 a month and others charge upwards $30 a month. In a world where we have strip clubs, easy access to porn, etc... it's sad that dudes would really pay that much just to see one woman naked. Get it together...

    • Very sad..

    • Unit1

      I agree. This is pathetic and feeds the prostitution market.
      But where is a demand there is a market. Those prostitutes make profit from said stupid, horny boys, so why not for them i suppose.

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  • InTimoreDei

    I don't know how people don't realize it's all fake. I'm not even talking just about physical appearance like you are. I am talking about their lives... it is catered to an audience. They don't actually live these perfect lives. Their instagram accounts don't show their daily struggles and their inner demons. It's all a facade so that they can become popular.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Pink1996

    Instagram is entirely fabricated.
    People know the best angles to make themselves look taller and slimmer. Also there are a lot of apps that enhance looks. Don't forget that photo filters and lighting on faces changes everything as well. Don't believe any of the IG models, men and women alike. They all use the same tricks and they all look different in real life than they do online. I'm not putting down anyones looks, just saying that the 2D is different than reality.

    People almost always post happy and celebratory moments. They post pretty pictures of vacations, cities, nature, etc.. You will hardly find someone who posts a picture of themselves in the middle of a mental breakdown. You know what, this is fine, people are free to post what they want. Still don't believe what you see online, people choose what to show you and that is usually only the happy bits. So don't get too caught up in instagram.

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  • emmily2396

    Perfect? She looks fake in her photoshopped pictures. Her hips look fake, like the Kardashians. A woman with waist, hips and butt like that would have way thicker legs, even if she worked out. Some instagram models look good naturally because they workout and have a good diet. But you can see their progress unlike some of those models who became perfect over night.

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    • SjE78

      personally i prefer women who are more unedited, those who have flaws as they are more real...
      does my head in when I see models in magazines and online who have clearly been photoshopped and airbrushed to look perfect, but perfection to me is in the imperfections... it is the uniqueness of the flaws not the flawlessness of the image

      gimme a normal woman any day

    • emmily2396

      Yeah, but she looks fake in all the pics, as I said, her proportions are off in an unnatural way

    • SjE78

      yeah i agree... trouble is it's like this in magazines too... this is why many girls grow up conscious about their figure, weight and shape.. I truly think that people should be encouraging a natural look and discouraging this sort of fake perception of who they view women

What Girls & Guys Said

  • scorchedwater

    those aren't natural photos or imperfections. those are imperfections that their surgeon made. those lumps and bumps are from uneven lipo.
    even their imperfections are laboratory made.

  • JimRSmith

    Good post, and very necessary.

    I can't stand all that photoshopped crap, either. I think she probably looks even more ridiculous in those, tbh.

    But yeah, she's ropey. I see better looking, more natural looking, girls every day in the street.

    • Me neither and I see very good looking girls being insecure about their looks lately, only because they see so many photoshopped girls on Instagram. It’s very sad.

    • JimRSmith

      They all appear to have a similar artificial look about them, too. Duck faced, caked in make up, it just looks utterly terrible.

    • Agree!

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  • Unit1

    "Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, scrolling through Instagram and finding ‘Instagram models’, admiring their perfectly sculpted body, their clear beautiful skin and so on."

    Nein, i didn't. But thanks for bringing this up on GAG.
    I'm well aware of social media being fake.
    I don't admire Instagram models.
    But if i want to see some eye candy, i just go to PornHub 💕

  • Guffrus

    I think she looks amazing and better in the natural shots.

    Not keen on the fashion though, not to my tastes.

    Wait, you are saying that things in the media aren't true?


    Its just pictures of womens asses though, right?

    Everything else is true, isn't it?

  • FreshOutaIdeas

    Keep spreading the message. Social media generally is poison to both girls and guys. Women these days are so fucking insecure it hurts, when more often than not there's nothing wrong with them (at least in terms of physical attractiveness!)!

  • errorgoodnameunfound

    Perfect point! Ladies please listen to this! Be yourself!!! Instagram models and shit are often fake as fuck, photo shopped and NOT worth it!!! As long as ya don't expect others to be flawless, we won't expect the same of you. in my opinion, personally, causal and being yourself is BEYOND the sexiest thing you can do. Ignore the noise and do what makes ya happy! ;)

  • EclipseoftheHeart

    Don't worry, no one appreciates those fake Ho's. Nor the unfake ones either. They are just seeking validation because they are all very insecure because they know their looks are only for their 15 minutes of fame before they turn into porkers.

  • emmanuel_macaroni

    I do get exasperated by the editing of photos and narrow kind of image presented by online models. But come on. She looks incredible in both sets of pictures. The only reason you'd highlight any 'flaws' in the second set is after seeing the first. I guarantee 99% of people if they saw her at the beach would find her incredibly attractive.

    • How can anyone find that thing attractive, looks like she got an alien growing in her ass

  • Kaytiee

    Why should we not appreciate them?

    Well even before I scrolled down, I hated the surgery she's had on her face and backside + Boobs.

    It's very refreshing to see a natural model, and not this. This Is eye candy for men, for me I can honestly 100% say I'm not attracted to It In the slightest or envious I like how I am naturally.

    And the photoshop Isn't too big of a surprise for me.

  • Yeah, Photoshop is a real issue with models now.

    Either selling a lie ("no makeup/natural beauty") or just creating general insecurity for girls, who learn to starve themselves, hate themselves, kill themselves slowly.

    • Kaytiee

      It's been an issue since models first existed.

  • Ayoooemzii33x

    This is very true.
    All of their pictures are photoshopped to make themselves look "perfect"
    Its sad really.

    For example..
    Instagram girls always post pictures of their "perfect" ass with no stretchmarks.
    It shows that having stretchmarks means your body is ugly but in reality, it's normal and these instagram girls most probably have them too.

  • Liam_Hayden

    Too many guys are stuck on stupid when it comes to these things. They get trapped by the illusion of beauty and end up missing the real thing when they encounter it in real life.

  • motownplayer2000

    Once we get to the point we aren’t comparing ourselves to everyone we see, then the insecurities will end their grip on the youth. I figured that out a while back and I have been much happier in my life. I learned the hard way. Now, that is not saying it isn’t good to be healthy. Health is super important and we should all strive to be fit. But we don’t have to try to be something we aren’t to impress a bunch of random strangers on online that have the same insecurities we do.

  • MarketData

    I hate to rain on your parade pal, but all these women are grotesque freaks. Also no, I don't waste my time on Instagram when I could be wasting my time on GaG.

    • MarketData

      And yes I know they're all the same woman, but the same goes for all of them.

    • Kaytiee

      Exactly! I get men liking bigger boobs or behinds, but to this extreme? No you'd have to be a madman.

  • kira992

    How about build your self esteem? and you can still appreciate instagram models. I love Anllela and she is my role model. I don't feel insecure or less than because she is perfect.

    • I’m never gonna appreciate photoshop and filters, sorry! :)

    • Giggletr0n

      @kira992 You know this Instagram model has a high chance of being in porn or at least becoming a camgirl once the Photoshop can no longer hide her obvious flaws right?

  • TadCurious

    I don't even find the photoshopped pics of her to be attractive. That's because she looks fake. I'm attracted to girls who have real world, girl-next-door looks.

  • JDavid25

    I think me as well as many other millions of males appreciate normal lookin women any day over this over glorified flesh bag of silicon.. Not to knock her game, but what is it worth.. Is She comfortable or happy with that? Probably not.. But she can always play it off wit pics at the beach, or of her smilin and tryin to look sexy. I never "appreciate" Instagram models cause I'm not about to give some random women all my attention and admiration..

  • Giggletr0n

    I don't, ever; I have honestly never looked for Instagram models myself because I just find the overly fit women on there a huge turn off! That woman in the provided pictures looks more like a circus act then a real human (with or without the Photoshop), a big ass looks freakish to me. It's all so fake that I just can't help but cringe 😑

  • aspiringasparagus

    I prefer women who have natural butts that they worked hard to get at the gym rather than all the fake butts these instagram models pay to get.

  • Grond21

    I'm glad you are pointing this out. Too many women beat themselves up for not matching an ideal that they don't realize isn't real in the first place.

    I wrote a MyTake with an overlapping point to yours.

  • Pejtu

    because its all FAKE photoshopped those kind of pictures take hours to be perfect
    everything has to be perfect the light shades ur tan every fucking thing

    Nothing is real on instagram , all people doing famous instagram are doing it for money only because of sponsors and other shit

    And it lets you down because u keep looking at them and u keep doing it and u wonder how the fuck my life is so bad and im ugly and they are so perfect its not true its almost all fake

  • humanearth

    You know if they did Photoshop like I do with film and a enlarger. One photo takes a week sometimes longer. And that is just to get the same look. If they had to go through all the work I do. Them girls would not post photos of themselves so easily. I blame the computers and programs designers. That created this mess. If they would have stuck to the old way. There would be a lot less body shamming.

  • CarpetDenim

    Her hips and her butt are grossly out of proportion anyways

  • bellybuttonlint

    IG models are only after guys who are rich... they are really sociopaths.

    I'm all for looking for another way to be a model and all, but most IG models are more fake than a $3 bill.

  • RoyClark

    Models having their images Photoshoped or airbrushed!
    Why you shouldn’t 'appreciate' Instagram models?

  • Kaneki05

    And? I mean why not there still women at the end of the day just because they take there ideas to become a model don't mean we should unappreciate them.

    And everyone never looks perfect in photos unless if they try to make it look that way which there is nothing wrong with.

    I fallow mainly cosplay models or ones who actaully have simler intrests and actaully take there time to read and like my comment and even respond.
    Why would unappreciate that just cause they try and look perfect.

  • monkeynutts

    Yeah girls have to keep reaffirming these facts to younger girls, to have a figure you need to work hard, then its just maintenance, maybe an hour every 2 days.

  • Nuremberg45

    I think phitoshopped images give people the wrong impression of what real people look like. We should see beauty even with the flaws

  • Cask23

    This is why Insta-whores are not legit.

    "An Australian Instagram model told her fans that she used to stay thin by living off tapas and cocaine, and she warned that drug use is rife in the industry"


  • Miristheiss

    That stuff doesn't look natural. It looks kind of weird, the hip/butt area kind of looks medically tampered with on most of those and it doesn't quite look right.

  • NeglectedChild

    Paparazzi photos are just as distorted as the instagram photos. In fact the paparazzi actively try to make you look bad.

    Anyone who looks to others for self worth is a fool.

  • ThisDudeHere

    They are photoshoped, true, but also easier to fap to.

  • juan101

    I don't appreciate women in general MGTOW
    I understand that I'm better cause I was born a man

    at least to most women
    the only women at my level
    are the ones who believe what I believe
    end of story

    and it feels so good :P

  • IlyaTheImpaler

    I feel bad for this girl, she's average looking and she probably knows it and still she's not a terrible person because she chose to pursue a career in modeling. Now she's being bullied by random girls on the internet.

  • ovixs90

    Yes i know we should stop fallowing this girls. We give them to much praise as if they done something good in this life. Ingeneral whole media is so fake. I seen like one girl is probably working as some cleaner in USA, but i seen how she took a picture infront of bmw pretending as if its her car , but in reality probably not hers..

  • Bishop-Brennan

    Isn't this common knowledge, nothing you see anywhere is genuine anymore. Everyone knows this already.

  • Kurαȷ

    I mean, someone that fat and disproportionate wasn't gonna look any better than this.

  • bubble_tea

    Her stomach looks really weird to me.. it looks flat, yet it has absolutely no definition, possibly even lose skin? How is that even possible. Did she remove all her ribs below the boobs or something?

  • JohnAlaska43

    she's got plenty of flaws.
    She nice looking but not sexy to me.

    • The photo shop didn't do her justice. But at the same time at least we know its photo shopped.

  • ANK360

    you know why some men become creeps , these hoes are the reason they give a wrong message about women , some men get to access these kind of pages and then they think if they talk shit or ask for some body shit pics they can win a women infact they forget that these models are no less than hoes and can go to any limit for just cheap likes and money and sadly some guys even will applaud such creepy women on insta or snap , yea i hate these kind of women they spread wrong meassage to entire community with their fake pics and skin exposes

  • MatRoss

    At the end of the day, it's not like 90% of us guys who look at the pictures have a shot in hell of ever getting with the girls in the picture (real or otherwise).

  • I have been an IG model for quite some time. Please appreciate me! LOL

    • MarketData

      Are you the bald dude or the 40-year-old virgin? ;)

    • @MarketData How dare you ask me such a question... of course I am the bald dude.. bald and sexy LOL

  • Rangers

    I've met some amateur models, most of which I didn't know were models until they told me. They were definitely attractive to me, but they definitely weren't out of my league at all.

  • Crazyylauraax

    It´s society tbh... a lot of people look up to these people and they get the admiration... and it becomes a cycle. I honestly think everyone can do whatever they want and if they have a nice body, okay you can show it off but I despise younger girls starting to wear less clothes and posing sexually because of a ´model or celeb´.

    I find it paradox in society where they say ´you are naturally beautiful and embrace your flaws´ but then want to sell you beauty products or medications to make you ´perfect´...

  • Well I don't apperciate it but men sure do and that there customer...

  • sonnysunshine

    Thank you. I never like bitches who do this. But I’m like 1 out of 100 guys.

  • sh_awesome

    Have to agree on this that perfection isn't 💯%, everyone has some flaws-:)

  • Minahh

    I try to follow only those who inspire me in some way. I agree that many girls feel like they are something less when they see instagram models like her but the truth is not everything's real

  • chriscdi

    well if you think of it, these girls worked hard for their bodies and to create that sculpted body they have, why should they put it away or hide it when those other girls can get off their ass and become like that too, im not trying to cause an argument but its not like these girls were born like this, they worked for it, maybe instead of others feeling down of themselves they should be motivated and try and reach those levels, they are models after all, they are suppose to motivate, as a verb model means as an example to follow or imitate, so maybe people should look down on them and just create a goal and go for it, its not like they are just showing off, besides they get paid for it, its their job, not to mention that i know if you looked like them, you would be proud of the work you did to get their and would just hide your good looking body, i know if i had abs my ass would be at the beach walking without a shirt

    • chriscdi

      wouldn't just hide*

    • Kaytiee

      No one said they can't show them off whats your point?

      As for her looks and a goal, She hasn't worked for it she has just gotten money and had surgery, I do not hate her but I don't wnat my goal to be plastic for you thats hot.

      For many of us girls, we do not wish to look like that, I don't mind my flat chest and my cute behind, I wouldn't get surgery even If It were free.

    • chriscdi

      you are just saying every model does surgery? cause im talking for them all in general, this girl isn't flawless, her ass is to big and its obvious its plastic, a lot of them actually stay in shape, i know a model that doesn't eat any meat because of the carbs, she lives off veggies and veggie cakes and shit like that, that deserves respect, i wouldn't last doodoo like that, it actually showed me that they aren't all just all using surgery to get their shape, my point is that you are saying "why not to appreciate instagram models" when they aren't all counting on plastic surgery to get their shape, just cause some use surgery and photoshops doesn't mean they all do, besides, i know cause they have good bodies there life must be good but some also live with insecurities because of all the haters they get, believe it or not they still get called not good enough, maybe thats the type of shit that leads them to getting surgery or photoshopping, I don't know doesn't it seem that you are only looking at one part of the story?

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  • TripleAce

    Ya but still wanna do it both ways lol... thank the lord for insta sluts 😛