Stop telling curvier women their clothes are inappropriate. SERIOUSLY.

Lets begin strong...
Let's begin strong...

To start off, nooooo, this is not body shaming, and yesssss, this may come across bitter because at 22 I'm just figuring out that "oh, well, i have curvy features, not my fault". I just don't understand why the rules are different.

Why we're expected to wear different clothes than skinnier women because we might come off as slutty, provocative, teases, whores, attention-seekers, etc. (im sure you can think of more!) For example, below. A simple tie front top that exposes chest.

If the top girl had cleavage, Im sure it would come off very differently.

Cute skinny girl
Cute skinny girl
Cute curvy girl
Cute curvy girl

Admit it. Sure, you may have looked at the skinnier girls chest, but who would be more "shamed" at the end of the day?

Or more sexualized to the point of "she shouldn't wear that around _________"?

This isn't to say skinny women aren't sexy.

Just want to reiterate that. Im just addressing the over-sexualization of curvy women to the point we're almost policed out of cute clothes. Or, you know, sexy clothes.

It's not fair to be called out (esp. if girls in highschool are reading this, babes, i see you) while the other girl gets off scot-free. Like...sorry?

All these comments from people led to me constantly covering up.

As in to the point where my mom asked if i was legit raped (i was so awkward with my curves i'd wrap sweaters and jackets around me...even in 80 degree weather). She thought I was scared of men. Like, wtf?

To the point where I would go out to the club with my friends and they'd say "OMG, look at your CHEST! :D" because no one had any idea how I looked in tight clothes. Whether it was a romper, a dress, or even just a bodysuit and pants.

Why does it have to be "different"?

What event would you guess this lean woman is going?
What event would you guess this lean woman is going?
What event would you guess this curvy woman is going?
What event would you guess this curvy woman is going?

I get it if you glance down...

or take a look back, that's fine. Whatever. I know sometimes your eyes automatically drop. Do your thing guys/gals/*insert identifier*.

But don't say that one girl dresses provocatively if they wear the same exact thing as they skinnier friend.

Don't say she looks easy. It's rude and it can cause body image issues.

Im sure you all have a "type" of body you're attracted to. I do, too. But can we all just agree to stop stupid slut-shaming? Especially when no such behavior was committed? (Even though I personally don't like the word "slut"...if you're banging, you're banging).

Skinny girl with a hot bod
Skinny girl with a hot bod
Thick girl with a hot bod
Thick girl with a hot bod

And just for a last comment, curvy girls should be allowed to dress as hot and sexy as they'd like to. Short dress? Fine. Tight dress? Cool. Cleavage? Nice. Hey, tall, short, curvy, skinny, overweight, and anyone else! Let's just stop body shaming all round.


Watch out for this 22 year old! Summer better watch it's back. You guys aren't ready for this long overdue confidence! :)

P.S. "YMI Jeans" is amaaaaazing for small waist girls who have way too much belt left over.

Stop telling curvier women their clothes are inappropriate. SERIOUSLY.
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  • loveslongnails
    YOUR definition of "curvy" is much closer to curvy than the general public's definition of curvy. The girl you labeled "thick" isn't thick in my book because she's got real definition. To me, she'd be thick if very little noticeable definition and a large body.

    It's also been my experience that many girls who are simply "FAT" just decide they are now "curvy". I guess they think fat rolling over other fat produces the equivalent of a "curve". I wouldn't call my little beer pouch "curvy" and go put on a Speedo and expect to NOT get weird looks. Well, bottom line is... you can wear whatever you like, but that doesn't mean that I, or anyone, has to think you look good in it JUST BECAUSE you want to wear it.
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  • Will23v
    I noticed curvier girls getting a lot more attention (wanted and unwanted) especially from younger guys. And black guys lol.
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    • Anonymous

      Not surprised by black guys (and latinos); the curvy body type is more their culture/type.

    • Will23v

      @HerLucidNightt yea i dont think they should get any more attention than not curvy girls tho

Most Helpful Girls

  • lilsmokesduh
    Agreed just cause I got big boob's ion want them piping and standing out to your eye it doesn't make me a hoe either like my mom made me this way
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  • Mia-Wallace
    Don't remember telling them anything.
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  • Wisdom-Strength-Love
    Blame the media and marketers for the body type that is trending, especially around the hip hop scene and urban culture.

    Ladies, wear what you want no matter what people label it. Its sexy but intimidating

    I can love a girl with a cups just as much, If not more. There is sometging loveable about girls who ain't got music video caliber bodies
  • Kurαȷ
    All of these outfits would look trashy on thin women too.
    This is not a matter of body shape, this is a matter of not having any capacity for good taste.
  • I agree, and you do a good job showing the comparisons. They are wearing the same thing but people might react differently. I even remember reading stories of women being kicked out of gyms and water parks for wearing the same thing flatter women were without issue.
  • gezaman
    Man say to a women in a tight ass titty dress you look sexy woman says Im no hoe back up. Man says but. But. What if I was wearing cops uniform and somone asked me for help and I said I no it looks like a cops uniform but I'm not a cop.
    So why do women ware a hoes uniform but say there not a hoe? 🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁 at best it's hoe ish you wouldn't come out with me dressed like that no chance. It's all. for attention from men and it's sexual attention end of story lol
  • KrakenAttackin
    Every picture you posted above is of a woman dressed like a whore. So this is your standard?
  • Angel_33
    Women maybe like provocative men. So im always think im not hunt women to they body when not know inside. Maybe have nice women at outside so empty inside. Or some other cominations. Im never purse women this not mine style. Becouse im know what mean real love not only jump at every women so go to yours way. Better is qualitty as quantity.
  • zagor
    I never tell women their clothes are inappropriate.

    Of course I have no daughters so that is easy.
  • Shamalien
    lol oh great another reality denier who thinks everything has to be 'equal'

    well guess what, fat ass titties ain't equal to tiny ones
  • chillpg
    I've said it before if women aren't in business, they shouldn't advertise. I've seen some curvier girls that dress great and are truly a work of art that has been appreciated by many.
  • art84
    Those girls who wear revealing clothing are sexy to look at. If you have the goods why not show them off when you are in your prime.
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    It's corona outside Summer is saying watch out to you 😂
    May be some time later stay healthy😉
  • Frederick469
    Something like that is fine for a single woman, I love it in fact, but when they are in a relationship it should be toned down
  • Liam_Hayden
    As long as they are not assaulting the person or property of another I don't care what people do.
  • Miristheiss
  • Cherokeehp
  • Lliam
    You GO, girl. I like your newfound confidence.
  • foxrider77
    Looks great, looks better sitting on my face.
  • SweetTrish
    OMG they all look fabulous!!!
    I love the tops
  • Thatsamazing
    The term "curvy" is stupid.
  • beatcoock
    Okay 😂
  • Mur-x2
    I hate it that people judge others like this
    • It's called reality slick.

    • Mur-x2

      🤣😂🤣😂 You right. But that doesn't change what right and wrong

    • Mur-x2


  • sheiktousif
    It's ur choice whichever u want to wear
  • Kashif12345
    Hy Miss
  • shaikhma
    yes wanted mens
  • Anonymous
    Spoiled , entitled female problems:
    Oh my gawd! Look everyone i have tits.
  • Anonymous
    A little cleavage ok

    Basically the whole breast just not the nipple basically that's a bit much
  • Anonymous
    I agree. Wear whatever makes you feel good.
  • Anonymous
    If not to get attention then why dress like that?
  • Anonymous
    " this may come across bitter because"

    Gee, you think?

    You clearly have some confidence issues and emotional problems and you're blaming them on others. You need to sort those out yourself rather than pointing your finger elsewhere.

    It is inappropriate for women to dress certain ways regardless of how curvy they are. And women who do it are attention seekers who will always get judged for it, as they should.