Summer 2021 Trends - F -


My sight is completely set on summer 2021, after this whole Pandemic issue starting from 2020, I have a huge desire to dress up again stronger than ever and we can finally (Maybe) enjoy this summer more than the last one.

Let's admit , we all deserve it

Growing up in a fashionista ambience and spirit, I noticed that we're going back in time more and more each year, and I couldn't agree more. The only difference is that the new era added more flavor to your old school, bold and vintage clothing.

This Summer, the choice is limitless as long as you say yes to WIDE and OVERSIZE, from tropical multipattern to sinlge colors. Here is a list that will sum everything up.

Tropical Long Dress for day and night hangouts, I bought a few of these dresses also the very same on the picture below, and I must say I feel really comfortable in them. Also they spread the aura of Tropical and Sweet Breeze. Lets eat Mango while grooving to some tango anyone?

Summer 2021 Trends - F -

Gypsy Groove and Fun, I think these dresses are absolutely cool, there are so many varieties, I would suggest to not use multiple colors on these ones, stick to single colors in order to keep it simple yet elegant since the dresses already have tons of patterns that differ from one another.

Summer 2021 Trends - F -

S.S.S: Simple, Smooth and Soft colors for those that are not a fan of multicolors and patterns, which is Understandable, sometimes I get fed up of them myself. Simple and soft colors are the easiest to wear and to abine. I would suggest to wear a dress like the one below with White or Black converse, trust me, it looks amazing. Obviously sandals do too.

Summer 2021 Trends - F -

Wide summer pants !! I can't get enough of them, they keep you fresh and they make you look fresh. Wide hips? No problem in that case get lower cut Wide Pants with a softer fabric, or high waist that have rigid material. Either way, I suggest to not buy them online, please try them on, because if the cut is not right they will look terrible. Either way, they look great with everything on top, it can be a corset or a cool t-shirt, as long as it's either tucked inside or a little shorter.

Summer 2021 Trends - F -

The so called "Caftan" is making a huge trend this summer, because we want to be comfortable, we want to feel free, we want to feel the fresh breeze. This dress as boring as it might look, it's a total eyecatcher, simply worn with either lace sandals or sneakers.

Summer 2021 Trends - F -

Boyfriend Jeans for your daily routines, especially when the weather is not playing a summery role here. Honestly, I wear them even during night-outs with some nice lace top. WHY NOT

Summer 2021 Trends - F -

Staying and working from home during the pandemic must have influenced many fashion designers. Also because oversized and comfy Sweatpants are being designed in more and more creative ways than ever.

Summer 2021 Trends - F -

Sticking to the Oversized theme, This is one of my favourite, oversized Blazers, according to me blazers just go with everything and every occasion.

Summer 2021 Trends - F -

Sorbet Pastel tones are just there to smoothen our situation right? I mean don't these colors remind you of candy and soft things? These colors will always be a trend according to me also because PASTEL can be every color not just pink and blue.

Summer 2021 Trends - F -

This is just a very very short list of trends for this year, but are my personal favourite. Trust me If I have to expand the ideas and styles that go around this year, it would take you a whole day to read this MyTake.

But yes, I totally am a FAN of this years trend, I have nothing against short skirts or short shorts, but immagine adding an oversized blazer with it?

I think it's important to be brave and creative at the same time. Have some Fashion play time with yourself or with your friends. It will widen your Ideas, because even if you think you have NOTHING TO WEAR, try to mix them up and see what comes out.

Thank you again for your trust and time


Summer 2021 Trends - F -
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Most Helpful Girls

  • jennifer_bloom
    I love your selection, especially the tropical dress, the gypsy dress, the wide pants and the sorbet tones, gorgeous! If I saw it at a mall and it framed my body well, I would definitely consider buying it.
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  • Anonymous
    The dresses looks great and comfortable but wide pants and oversized blazers? Nah, it is too hot to wear them and not my style.
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    • natured

      Yes usually in the evenings in Italy it gets fresh, but I think those are cool for other seasons as well. Sure they are not everyones style. <3 thank you for reading I appreciate it

    • Anonymous

      Sure. Wear what makes you happy.

Most Helpful Guys

  • Grond21
    ... This feels like the '90s and the '70s had a child.
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    • natured

      Yep exactly my thought

    • Grond21

      And you really like it?

    • natured

      I do honestly

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  • Static_In_The_Attic
    Summer Of 2020 Trend.
    Summer Of 2020 Trend.
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  • sagevalentineee
    Interesting choices, not my personal taste, but I hope you have a great summer and enjoy wearing your new clothes!
  • John_Doesnt
    If my girlfriend comes home dressed like that she'll have to find a new boyfriend.
    • natured

      How would you like her to be dressed then?

    • Like a regular woman. I don't want her coming home in an ill fitting potato bag or MC Hammer parachute pants. Unless of course she's being funny and making me laugh with a silly costume. But most of those clothes look extremely baggy and I get the sense they're designed for women with a figure that needs to be covered up.

  • midnightmoon05
    most look nice... I’m too short to dress like that. So I have to find things that fit me better. Hard to shop being short
  • bannacookies
    They look more like fall clothes but either way, I dig it.

    Most guys won't since these women aren't dressing like hookers. Lol
  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    I'm 31 years old and I've never understood why women think anyone cares about what they say fads are.
  • msc545
    I am not into fashion, but this is very creative with great photos! Thanks, I enjoyed it!
  • Pito123
    You have a creative taste in clothing best wishes this summer
  • joeldalton
    Sweetie, it’s the end of July, summer’s half over.
    • natured

      Well, our summer lasts till October... sweetie :)

  • Andres77
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Is 90's Back lovely
  • Joker_
  • Mustermann
    The dresses look very nice!
  • he-takes-a-part
    Repost required
  • TheAfrikan
    All the dresses look awesome by the way.
  • Sketti2021
  • Anonymous
    Im a guy i have always liked fashion but i was never allowed to go shopping for clothes. All i got was jeans and t shirts so i never got to develop my fashion sense
    • well you can go shopping now!

    • Anonymous

      @nevernevernever yeah but I've pretty much settled into dressing like a boring shithead. Long lost my youthful playfulness

    • AngelLily

      It’s trendy to wear youthful clothes and look like you have no Energy.

  • Anonymous
    I was excited about these Summer trends until yesterday, when I met a guy in town wearing something like picture #1.
    • natured


    • Anonymous

      even after I bleached my brain, the image still haunts me. lol

    • natured

      So he had a dress on?

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