Cuffed/pinch rolled up jeans on guys yes or no ladys?

Just want to see what the ladys think about this stlye, which seems to be back. I like the pinched cuff style to show some ankle, but would like to see everyone's opinion! So ladys turn on or off? Sexy or no? Nice looking or ugly? Attractive or gay?

Thanks in advance


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  • Some guys can pull it off. You sir not so much. Find a style that is comfortable and suits you. And when you do you'll feel confident and sexy and girls will notice that confidence and sex appeal.

  • i think its kinda cute. you have to be able to pull it off though. it has to be the right style and the right outfit, in my opinion

    • Yea I just added some pics check them out and let me know! Thanks!

    • yeah, that looks very good!! i like that style a lot. it's super classy

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