How to wear a handbag with short handles?

I have one bag with short handles ( this one) and I have to wear it in the crook of my arm, which leads to cramps in my arm (lol) and makes me look a bit... I don't know, arrogant. I don't think others look arrogant wearing that, it depends on the person ofcourse, but I think it looks arrogant on me.

Girls (and guys with a handbag), how do you wear a handbag with short handles?


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  • Also depends on the size of the bag. If the bag is big then I would hold it in the crook, but if it's small id probably hold it down by my side. Saying that though, I never have a small handbag, so I literally always carry mine on my arm. Personally I hate carrying handbags any other way. I don't think it looks arrogant :)


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  • That's the only way to wear it. Or you can just hold the handles and keep the bag near your upper thighs. This is exactly why I don't buy bags with short handles. I -hate- how people look with them. Super snobby looking for the most part.

    • So do I, haha. Too bad, I found a lovely handbag but only short handles :( oh well, better for my bank account then!

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    • Yeah... I'm sure you get those marks on your arms from the material digging in. Plus... you need one able to stretch out your arms once in a while lmao

    • To be able**

  • No I don't have many short handles handbags just wear it confidently or avoid wearing it I suppose or carry it in your hand like u would a suitcase lol

  • You could hold the handles


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