Thong panties buying guide...New to thong panties - girls only!

Hey, so I'm thinking of finally giving thongs a try but I want some advice before I go buy some... thanks xoxo

1. are they annoying? Some girls at school told me they feel like wedgies and "butt floss" but you learn to like the feeling of it being up there...
2. do they make you feel sexy?
3. are they more comfy than other panties? And is wider strap or string ones better?
4. do they rub against your ***hole all day or stay more outside?
5. do they ride up when you have to bend over or sit?
6. should they fit tight or loose?
7. do you need to worry about getting "marks" on them after going washroom? I heard you need to wash down there in the shower after going or else you get marks in the thong...
8. how high are they supposed to be worn? (like the back triangle part)
9. is it healthy to wear them everyday?
10. do u wear them during your time of month?
11. are you supposed to wear them with leggings?
12. Is it ok to wear to the gym or will it be annoying when doing stretching and exercises? Also, is it weird to change in them in the locker room?
13. will you notice if its sticking out your pants when you bend over and stuff? Cause I don't want anyone else seeing it lol



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  • LMAO Not commenting on your post... but just wanted to point out that even though you said GIRLS ONLY!, still 8 dudes replied LOL.

    Goes to show that 1- Men can never ever follow directions and 2- Put bunch a girls together in a room and men will come buzzing around, 3-Men are bigger attention whores than women... too funny.

    • The site is called "girls ask guys", not "girls ask girls". Just thought I'd point that out.

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    • This made me laugh. :) And it also made me laugh that the girls liked it and the guys disliked it. Hmm

    • It's a good thing that there is nothing wrong with being an attention whore right.

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  • 1. Nah, I actually find them more comfortable than normal undies
    2. Not really hahahh
    3. String, as there is lessfabric to fit between your butt cheeksXD
    4. Never thought about this, I dont think so tho
    5. Only when you wear low-waist pants. Very low-waist that is.
    6. Tight. You don't want a loose thong.
    7. You don't really need to shower, just make sure to clean well.
    8. Doesn't really matter, they just shouldn'tstickoutta your pants (unless you're going for the hoe look)
    9. I don't think there are any health risks lol
    10. Yeah, only the ugly ones though XD
    11. You can, the great thing about thongs is that they prevent the dreaded underwear line. That was my main reason to start wearing them.
    12. Don't worry about the changing, theladies at the gym couldn't care less about your underwear. It's not annoying to strech in them either.
    13. People won't notice, unless you got them pulled up to your waist;)

    Hope I helped at least a little;)


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  • I know i am not a girl but...
    This is what my GF ALWAYS SAID. Normal underwear is more confortable by themselves and in most siturations. But under Jeans... Thongs should be the most confortable since they can't really be that clumsy,

  • thongs are over rated. I prefer panties over thongs myself.

    • wow. I haven't gotten so many votes on an opinion in a long time.

  • As a man who enjoys wearing thong panties I take offense to this.

    • this is my girl and she has told already this is only for girls ok!

    • heroguy is desperate to see you in a thong! wear it already chica! LOL

  • thongs or g-strings are so last decade, introducing the c-string! lol

  • Thongs don't make you feel sexy
    They are noticeable.
    Yes they do ride up on your nether regions.
    Don't wear Thongs to the gym.
    Don't wear thongs everyday.
    Marks depends solely on how clean you keep yourself.
    They do rub your asshole, it's just how they are made.
    Don't get loose thongs please.

    You are welcome I hope I helped.
    As a guy I like panties better but Thongs are nice to look at as well.

  • i see in porns. pornstars wear when they sex... i think it feel much better then simple penties. i gives shape to your but and erose your sex part more, and u should love to wear it..

  • I like them and my gf always gets them from these free deals from Victoria's Secret

  • I rather a woman go commando even if it is her time of the month

    • That's nasty I would never go commando let alone on my perid

    • *period
      I would be dropping blood clots like crazy

    • my wife goes without a bra and pantie when she gets dressed and I have not wore underwear since I was 15 when I get dressed

  • Two words: Butt-floss.

  • I wear one once or twice a week. It's comfy to a point. I feel more feminine and sexy. But you'll get use to the feeling. Just keep at it practice makes perfect! :)

  • You wear them however you want to wear them. The more you wear them, the more you get used to it. Like a new pair of shoes, you gotta wear them in

  • This is the first time i see helpful sweet woman who can really answer the whole 13 qs :|


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  • 1. are they annoying? Some girls at school told me they feel like wedgies and "butt floss" but you learn to like the feeling of it being up there...
    They are annoying, it feels like a constant wedgie no matter how comfortable the fabric is.

    2. do they make you feel sexy?
    Not really.

    3. are they more comfy than other panties? And is wider strap or string ones better?
    They are far less comfortable than other panties.

    4. do they rub against your ***hole all day or stay more outside?
    They do rub against your asshole.

    5. do they ride up when you have to bend over or sit?
    They're literally ride up 24/7. That's the purpose of a thong... to be between your butt cheeks.

    6. should they fit tight or loose?
    Tight, but not restricting to where it cuts off your circulation or leaves temporary indentations. Make sure you can do all normal movements in them. Purchase them in the same size as your other underwear.

    7. do you need to worry about getting "marks" on them after going washroom? I heard you need to wash down there in the shower after going or else you get marks in the thong...
    That's with every and any underwear. Females secrete fluids all through the day, now matter what type of underwear they're wearing.

    8. how high are they supposed to be worn? (like the back triangle part)
    The triangle should sit right above your butt crack.

    9. is it healthy to wear them everyday?
    Yes, just make sure they're cotton and breathable.

    10. do u wear them during your time of month?
    I prefer not to, but if I do then I accompany my thong with a tampon.

    11. are you supposed to wear them with leggings?
    Thongs do help with leggings/tight jeans/yoga pants because they leave no "pantyline".

    12. Is it ok to wear to the gym or will it be annoying when doing stretching and exercises? Also, is it weird to change in them in the locker room?
    It will most likely be annoying because it does rub against your butthole.

  • The g-string ones and silky ones and lace and blah blah blah are severely uncomfortable and they're hard to place and they move around and yadda yadda. They are just as healthy as regular panties and can be just as comfortable IF YOU BUY COTTON ONES. And it can be hard to get the placement right around your waist, so what I do is buy cotton ones with a thicker band around (way cuter) and you seriously can just close your eyes and grab them and pull them up like regular underwear. They shouldn't be worn any higher or lower than normal panties. YES for the love of everything wear them with leggings, they don't ride up, they stay in place, which is a good thing because then your buttcrack won't show. It's fine changing in front of others while wearing them, they've seen it all and everyone wears them. They should fit tight. If loose, they don't stay in place and will rotate forward until the strap is more on your vagina (NOT FUN). I recommend the wider strap. Obviously I figured for years that the smaller ones would be more comfortable, but they're absolutely horrible.

    • Oh and when you're on your period, just wear a tampon instead of a pad and I would also recommend wearing a pantyliner as well, which, lucky for us, they make those specifically for thongs now days! And again, let me stress the importance of wearing them with leggings. If you are wearing leggings for pants instead of under a dress, you need to wear a thong so there aren't any weird lumps and bumps

  • 1. **sometimes. mostly at first, then you get used to them. **butt floss! I only wear them when i wear a miniskirt OR if i dont want a VPL.
    2. **hella yes. Especially if you are wearing a mini and guys are not sure if you are wearing any panties at all.
    3. ** No. Boy shorts or string bikini are better for me. I like more coverage on my butt.
    **Wider strap feels better and it dont get caught as much in your crotch.
    4. **They do rub you a lot. If you are a "leaker", then dont wear them coz you will get stains on your regular clothes.
    5. **No. They are pretty tight anyway.. They will show if you wear the ones that go up to your hips. Guys get hella turned on seeing your thong show!
    6. **tight feels better.
    7. **there is not much material to get "marks" on.. but yes, they can get stained easier than regular panties coz they dont cover as much and get stuck in your crack.
    **Not true... unless you wear one that is basically a string down ur butt.
    8.**any height you want. higher makes it feel like they are not falling off tho.
    9. **yes. change your undies everyday!
    10. **no pad support and tampon strings can hang out.
    11. **if you dont want VPL, i wear them with leggings.
    12.**if they are comfie, wear them. Changing in the locker room is no biggie, a lot of chicks wear them, even fat girls that shouldnt.
    13. **if they are high waist ones, yuppers they will show. guys get hella horny seeing your thong top. Secret way to flirt to see if a guy you like notices when you bend over.

  • 1. They're annoying at first but after a while you're so used to them that you don't notice.
    2. They make me feel sexy if they're nice ones!
    3. Wider strap ones are more comfy. I find ones with lace as the strap stretch nicely and fit without squeezing into you
    4. I guess it depends on your butt haha. I don't notice but they probably do? Depending on what you're doing.
    5. Depends on the material if they ride up or not. They usually stay in place unless you're moving around a lot
    6. They should fit just right. Not tight and not loose. Should fit right against you without squeezing your skin and giving muffin top (because it gets uncomfortable on your skin that way)
    7. I don't know who the hell is not wiping properly and then telling you that but if you are a clean person and wipe yourself properly they'll be fine. It's also a good idea to change your thong after work or whatever, just to feel more fresh but it's not necessary.
    8. They're supposed to hug your hips. About that high, so like low waisted pants kind of, maybe a bit higher. It depends on the fabric but they're usually just above your crack and above your cheeks.
    9. If they're cotton then yes it's healthy and fine. As long as you can "breathe" down there you're good.
    10. I do, but I don't have a heavy flow and wear tampons. They also have panty liners for thongs. If you wear pads I wouldn't recommend wearing a thong.
    11. You can wear whatever you want with leggings but some people prefer to wear a thong so they don't have a panty line. I personally don't think panty lines are even a bad thing unless the person is wearing way too tight underwear and it digs in and creates weird lumps haha
    12. They're fine to wear to the gym! They have ones that are a stretchy material, kind of like yoga pants and those work nicely. I don't think it's weird to change them in the locker room.
    13. If your pants fall down a lot when you bend over it'll stick out. Mine never do though.

  • 1. Yes. Personally I find them annoying. I can put up with it but I couldn't wear them every day.
    2. Sort of. My boyfriend adores them so I feel sexy seeing the look on his face, but personally staring in a mirror? No, I don't think I have the ass to pull it off.
    3. No they aren't more comfortable haha. The wider strap is a lot better, I find the thinner straps tend to dig in and hurt, or they fall off me. Wider strap fits me better.
    4. Umm... No, just rubs everywhere and have a habit of moving!
    5. Yes they do.
    6. If they are too loose, they fall off and you're constantly adjusting. If they are too tight, they are painful. So out of the two options, I'd go righter because you've more chance them staying put! But just try a different brand/style.
    7. If you practice good hygiene anyway, this shouldn't be an issue.
    8. Wherever is comfy. It's like saying how low should a low cut top be. Wherever YOU are comfy with.
    9. Personally I think no. For a thong to look sexy, I think it should be made from lace. But it's good for you to wear cotton underwear as you sweat less. Synthetic material day in day out makes you sweat and increases problems like thrush (supposedly).
    10. I would not lol. I can't use tampons so I can't see me wrapping a pad round that tiny bit of fabric!
    11. Again, I wouldn't unless they are high quality leggings that aren't see-through.
    12. I would not go gyming - think of the chaffing! You're poor bumholio... I prefer to gym in cotton underwear - I ain't gone to the gym to show off my hair or make up, I've gone there to sweat.
    13. Yes. They do ride up but that is the point of them - to poke out and look naughty. You don't buy them to not be seen.

    Personally, I prefer lacy French knickers. I find them more comfortable and I think they are equally as sexy. I'm a bit of a bigger girl as well so I find they show off my curves better and I don't feel like I've got me flabby bum out :) It's covered but still pretty.

  • 1) At first they will be annoying but you get use to it.
    2) I think they make me feel sexy... I love wearing thongs...
    3) I think they are more comfy because I feel like im not wearing underwear and I hate underwear. It doesn't matter if you get wide or not, its up to you.
    4) HA no they do not rub against your @$$hole
    5) Mine don't ride up when I wear them.
    6) They should fit just like normal underwear. Too loose is annoying and too tight will make you have lines on your body.
    7) And yeah you will get marks on them
    8) when you put them on you will know how high they need to be.
    9) You can wear them everyday if you feel like it.
    10) I recommend not wearing them during your time of the month because if you wear tampons nd you bleed through its thinner so it will show faster and wearing pads with thongs causes the pads to get stuck and its a mess. Lol.
    11) You can wear them with leggings, but not see through ones haha
    12) if you wear them to the gym you will feel your butt going up and down more freely and it feels weird.
    13) No you will not notice them. You should not but if others see its fine cause its a thong and those are hot to everyone... At least I think so. :)

  • Things are way more comfortable! I only wear thongs (unless it's that time of the month)
    1. No! Honestly you barely feel them, that's why I like them.
    2. Ehh idk. I feel indifferent lol but honestly I feel homely with granny panties for sure so I guess you could say yes bc they feel way more attractive than other ones!
    3. I think they're a lot more comfy! I like ones with a wider strap on the sides a little better esp the lace ones. They stay put in place better that way.
    4. Lmao no they don't rub against it they just kind of sit against it.
    5. No not really, unless you're really moving around a ton then you've got to readjust sometimes.
    6. They should fit snugly but not like too tight and def not loose. I have worn ones that were too loose before and that IS uncomfortable!
    7. Not that I'm aware of, no!
    8. Covering your crack but not yanked above it or below lol
    9. It depends on the person. I know you hear that they give yeast infections but I've never even had a yeast infection or anything like that in my life so they've been healthy for me. If you're prone to those though maybe not.
    10. No lol that's the time where I just wear bikini cut ones.
    11. Yes def wear them if you're wearing leggings. Visible panty line is not attractive! It looks way better that way.
    12. Yeah it's okay, and no not at all, I think it's better bc you can't really feel them. I don't think that would be too weird if you're changing everything else. I would just do whatever you would do with other types.
    13. Kinda, you have to be conscious of that if you bend over or sit down then stand back up if your shirt goes up or your jeans go down. It's not that bad though and it becomes a habit to be aware of them and you don't really think about it anymore you just automatically fix them if they start to.

  • 1. To me, they feel kinda annoying. I don't usually wear thongs.
    2. They do make me feel sexy, especially if they're paired with a sexy bra. Also my boyfriend loves them.
    3. I don't find them comfy, my favorite underwear are female boyshorts. Wider straps are better in my opinion.
    4. They won't rub if they're the right size.
    5. They probably won't ride up if they're the right size.
    6. I think they should be "snug", so not too tight, not too loose.
    7. Marks? Well, that can happen with any underwear.
    8. The back triangle part as long as they don't show.
    9. Healthy? If you change them everyday and get cotton or breathable fabrics, you should be fine.
    10. I wouldn't wear them during the time of the month, because even though I prefer tampons, I still like to wear pantiliners just in case.
    11. You can wear them with leggings, I think it's a better choice. No panty lines! :)
    12. You can wear them in the gym, though I never have. I don't think they'd be comfortable enough.
    13. If you get the right size thong, with the right size pants/skirt, it shouldn't be an issue. Avoid low rise jeans.
    *Another tip, thongs are great to avoid panty lines! Not just for leggings, but in dresses, pants, skirts, etc.
    There's another type of underwear that are similar to thongs, but provide a little more coverage. They're called cheekies, and I like them, because they do cover a little more of your bottom. But whatever underwear: make sure it's elastic or stretchy, cotton or breathable fabric, and most importantly that it's the right size - this will help prevent panty lines or for them to be uncomfortable. Have fun finding the right underwear :)

  • wow okay...
    1. yes they do feel slightly like a wedgie but not the uncomfortable kind, it sorta just sits there, frankly, when i wear a thing, its almost like your not wearing pants at all...
    2. yes, all my things are lace and when i wear them, i do feel sexy
    3. i would say normal "safe pants" are slightly more comfortable for every day wear but thongs are just as comfy when you get used to them
    4. no they don't
    5. not that i've noticed...
    6. i would say snug, like normal pants, don't get tight ones, that does make them uncomfortable
    7. marks on them? ...
    8. wear them like normal pants
    9. i wouldn't say its unhealthy, but i personally wouldn't wear them every day, wearing them on occasions makes wearing them that little bit more exciting (like when your dressing nice for someone)
    10. hell no, not enough cover down there
    11. wear them with whatever you want but if you wear them with a skirt or dress, you have got to be extremely well shaven haha
    12. id say wear comfortable pants to the gym unless your trying to impress other girls in the locker room, your at the gym to work out not flash your ass to all the sweaty girls
    13. unless you wear low rise jeans, you should be fine

  • I can't live without thongs. Wearing normal underwear feels horrible (partly because my bum is too big to fit in them!)
    1. are they annoying?
    At first, it's weird but you get used to it.
    2. do they make you feel sexy?
    Yes and you're always ready for fun time ;D
    3. are they more comfy than other panties? And is wider strap or string ones better?
    Personally, they are. Wider straps with soft material are comfy. Harsh material with string are not too nice to wear.
    4. do they rub against your ***hole all day or stay more outside?
    No they don't. It feels like you're not wearing anything.
    5. do they ride up when you have to bend over or sit?
    6. should they fit tight or loose?
    Too small or too big are uncomfortable. They have to fit snug.
    7. do you need to worry about getting "marks" on them after going washroom?
    I don't have that problem.
    8. how high are they supposed to be worn?
    I wear them along the line of my hips. They shouldn't be too high but it's what's comfy for you. You can only determine it if you try one on.
    9. is it healthy to wear them everyday?
    I don't know how it could be unhealthy. I've worn them everyday for like 3 years without a problem.
    10. do u wear them during your time of month?
    11. are you supposed to wear them with leggings?
    You can wear them with anything.
    12. Is it ok to wear to the gym or will it be annoying when doing stretching and exercises? Also, is it weird to change in them in the locker room?
    Shouldn't have a problem at the gym.
    13. will you notice if its sticking out your pants when you bend over and stuff?
    They don't pop over your clothes unless you have them high or your clothing is low. Mine very rarely show and usually you can't see it's a thong, they just look like normal underwear. It's all about working out the do's and don'ts as you go about wearing them and get used to them. They're not rocket science and they're not for everyone but I'd recommend them to everyone.

  • 1) yes, they're annoying. You do get more used to them though, and sometimes I now find I forget I have one on. But honestly, they're not exactly comfortable.
    2) I feel more sexy definitely
    3) I wear nice comfy silk ones, with a wider bit, but I've never tried a g-string.
    4) they tend to slide up your hole naturally. I just subtly pull it out occasionally, because it's like a wedgie.
    5) No
    6) neither really. Just comfortably.
    7) Top tip: wear a panty liner - you can get g string ones for thongs, and it doesn't mark then.
    8) Fairly high! But mostly like normal pants. You'll 'feel' when you've pulled it up enough, because it won't be baggy
    9) There's no point wearing them every day. It's just uncomfortable!
    10) God no
    11) Yes. That's really what they're for. It's so you don't see the panty line.
    12) as long as you're not wearing tight leggings, seriously don't bother! Just wear normal pants - they're more comfortable and you'll feel more comfortable changing in normal pants
    13) people won't see it

  • 1.

    It really depends on you. I personally don't find them annoying, but a lot of my friends do. I wear them everyday, my friends only wear them with tight dresses. I got used to them in around 1 day or so. But then again, I love walking in heels too, so I'm a little weird like that.

    2. do they make you feel sexy?

    In the beginning, yes. Because I noticed their presence. And yeah, I still think they make me feel sexy, subconsciously. It's like wearing a pretty bra.

    3. are they more comfy than other panties? And is wider strap or string ones better?

    I wear both, I like the wider straps if they're made of a softer material.
    I personally find them more comfortable than panties, I only wear panties on my period.

    4. do they rub against your ***hole all day or stay more outside?

    They're just inside your buttcheeks, they don't really run against my ***hole.

    5. do they ride up when you have to bend over or sit?

    No. There are some times the string goes in front.

    6. should they fit tight or loose?


    7. do you need to worry about getting "marks" on them after going washroom? I heard you need to wash down there in the shower after going or else you get marks in the thong...

    Not really.

    8. how high are they supposed to be worn? (like the back triangle part)

    They shouldn't be over your jeans from the back. If you get what I mean.

    9. is it healthy to wear them everyday?
    Some people say it isn't, but I think it's okay

    10. do u wear them during your time of month?

    11. are you supposed to wear them with leggings?


    12. Is it ok to wear to the gym or will it be annoying when doing stretching and exercises? Also, is it weird to change in them in the locker room?
    I wear them to the gym all the time, so comfortable.
    13. Only if you wear them really high.

    I love thongs! I encourage everyone to try em

  • I wear things all the time, but usually the lacy ones rather than the stringy ones. They're more comfortable and can make you look or feel sexy.
    There are pads you can wear with thongs, so you can wear them during your time.
    Some things will ride into your body but a really good one won't bother you there at all, it'll just sit along your butt.
    Marks depend on how clean you are.
    It is healthy to wear them every day!
    When you wear leggings (I really hate seeing girls wear leggings as pants, but if you do that) then you should wear regular panties or cheekies if you don't want people to see your butt through the fabric.
    I wear thongs to the gym sometimes and never have any issues. They feel like regular panties to me. Changing can be awkward at first, but you get use to it.
    No one will see it when you bend over or anything if your pants fit correctly. Just because your jeans fit around your waist and feel like they fit, doesn't mean it does. If you can bend over and don't need to pull them up, they fit.

  • 1. They feel okay to me, not as comfortable as panties/boyshorts, but they don't feel too bad :)
    2. Sometimes, especially if you wear them with a short skirt or something.
    3. They're almost the same as other types of underwear. And whether wider strap or string is better depends on personal opinions and how they fit.
    4. Usually they stay more outside.
    5. Only if you wear low-waisted pants. Otherwise you should be fine.
    6. A bit tight, but not too tight.
    7. You don't necessarily need to shower, but it's a good idea to wash well down there after wearing a thong for the whole day.
    8. As long as they don't stick out of your pants/skirt they should be fine.
    9. It shouldn't be a problem, but I don't do that.
    10. Not really, but you can, although in case it gets stained you might not want to wear it unless it's black or something.
    11. You can, but you don't have to.
    12. It's okay to wear them to the gym and it usually won't be annoying when stretching. And I'm pretty sure no one in the locker room'll care much about what underwear you bring. Once I forgot to bring underwear with me and I had to slip on my shorts commando, and no one really cared.
    13. Usually you won't feel it, so just make sure every once in a while that it's not sticking out. If you're really worried, you can wear a dress over it - since there's no lower garment the thong won't stick out.

  • They have different types of thongs, Start small buy getting the ones that aren't string, they are normally lace and it still hugs your butt a little bit, this will get it use to the actual G sting style thong :) TRUST ME I never thought I would wear them, But I am actually still more for the lace ones :)

  • 1. To some they are, to others they aren't. Either way, if you're new to it, you will have to wear them for a longer while (two weeks at least) to find out if you can get used to them or not. They don't feel like "butt-floss" at all to me.
    2. Yes, they do make me feel sexy.
    3. To me yes, very much so. But other women (most likely the majority of them) will tell you the opposite. It's completely individual.
    4. They get in that area, but it's not like you notice it constantly. At least not if you are used to them.
    5. When you bend over or crouch down, you do feel them a bit more between your cheeks, but once you got used to them, you stop noticing because you don't focus on it anymore.
    6. They should simply fit. Neither tight, nor loose.
    7. You'll leave marks on them like on any other panties.
    8. That entirely depends on the style and is simply a matter of personal taste. Whatever you find most attractive.
    9. That depends on how sensitive you are in that area. Some women can't wear them daily because it causes them certain health problem, others (like myself) have no issues with that.
    10. I personally do, but like I said, I'm not sensitive at all there.
    11. Again, a matter of personal taste. I wear them with anything, but especially with leggings, because I hate the way normal panties make my butt cheeks look in leggings and other tight fitting pants/dresses/skirts.
    12. That too is something you will just have to test yourself an see if you can get used to it. I personally find thongs perfect for workouts, because they don't move around like other panties.
    13. Depends on how much you focus on it. If you have it in mind all the time, you will reach back regularly to check, when you're sitting somewhere.

  • I used to wear them a lot. They are comfortable and sexy. Once I read an article that basically explains how well thongs transfer bacteria from girl's bum area to the rest of the area that the bottom of the thong covers. It grossed me out a lot. I am a very clean person but still stopped wearing them period. You can find many other styles other than thongs.
    Oh, I still have a couple of them but for intimate moments :)

    Hope this helps!

  • 1. I dont find them annoying at all. They definitely took some getting used to when i first started wearing them, but once your used to them u can't even feel them.

    2. not really. at first they did but now they are just normal underwear.

    3. I think they are more comfy... I do prefer actual thongs over gstrings. Having the little wider strip is a lot more comfy to me.

    4. They kind of touch it. Its not like it rubs tho... lol

    5. Not if they fit properly.

    6. neither, just comfortably snug.

    7. if your a clean person and know how to wipe u should not have a problem.

    8. Where ever they sit comfortably and are under your pants.

    9. I wear them almost everyday. I dont see why it would not be... As long as u change them regulary. lol

    10. I often do. Thats what tampons and thong pantyliners are for.

    11. You can wear whatever u want. They do help hide panty lines tho.

    12. I dont notice them. I know a lot of people who wear them specificially to work out... I have heard lots of women say they are more comfy. As for the lockerroom, no one will care. lots of others will be wearing them too... at least u have undies on. everyone has a butt. lol

    13. If you wear the correct fitting thong, it should not really ever show. if it does its cause your doing something silly and should have known better. beyond that, who really cares. at least u have underwear on

  • Am I the only one who thinks QA is probably a guy with some weird fetish?

    Uh, I don't like them.

  • 1. i dont find them annoying. to be honest i find normal underwear annoying.
    2. it depends, like when you're in your room changing and you're wearing the same color bra and thong you're like oooooh girl, yas werk!!😂
    3. yesss because after a while you forget you're wearing anything. i like both, i wear strings more offen though. its just personal preference!
    4. the string doesn't stay on the outside hahaha. it goes in between your bum cheeks, but you really dont feel it at all.
    5. nope.
    6. a loose thong is a bad thong. tight!
    7. myth. i dont anyways. I don't know where you heard that but obviously someone isn't practicing proper bathroom techniques😂.
    8. i just make sure the front part is covering everything up and then everything else ends up being in the right spots.
    9. i dont think it actually matters.
    10. yeah i do, with a tampon though. its so much better than pads and period undies but i also have a light flow and 0 symptoms.
    11. yessssss. always. never wear normal undies with leggings because panty lines are not hot.
    12. nahhh dont wear em to the gym. thongs are your special undies. not your gym undies.
    13. they dont usually stick out unless you're wearing it wrong!

    if you're still confused you can always ask a friend:)

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