Attractive body shape? 35-24-38 or 39? 5 feet 2 inches 122 pounds?

I am very self conscious of my body since I have gained weight. I am 35-24-38-or 39? and I am 5'2 tall. I am about 122 pounds. I want to know if people think that this is a desirable body shape. I am a little self conscious since I have gained weight. I still have a really flat stomach. I have pretty wide hips and a large butt. I am a 34c to 36c cup size. Is this an attractive body shape? I'm sorry if I sound stupid but I recently gained weight and was always about 5'2 110 pounds. People have told me I looked good but I am still self conscious. Help?


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  • Holy crap! You sound like me. I don't know my measurements specifically but I am 5 foot 4, with 34-36 C cup size, I have a small waist and wide hips. Right now I way 122 pounds too (like on the dot) and I have been stressing because I wanted to get back down to 105 pounds ! xD

    Anyways, I'm told I have a pretty good body shape and you sound like me so I think that sounds pretty good :)


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  • You sound very attractive :) So what you gained a little weight no big deal everybody does! Don't let it get to you!

    • Well thank you! I appreciate it!

    • You're welcome! If you have any more questions or want to chat feel free to PM me

  • 35-24-38? That's crazy! 24 inch waist - 38 inch booty! Wow... sounds good. u black?

    • Is it really that crazy? and no I'm not black. My mother is Russian, Polish, and Hungarian. My father is Spanish, Italian, Yugoslavian, German, and Irish. So I'm kind of an interesting mix.

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  • That's probably men's favourite figure :)

  • Omg our pot portions are almost the same I'm 37-24-38 and 123 and also 5'2. Lol

    • No way! That's crazy! Do you mean other people with your same shape/size body often? and do people always say you're curvy yet thin? I don't really know how to put it in words but I'm glad I can find other girls who can relate and have similar body size and shape as me!

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    • I have to get the petite length... hence being 5'2 haha. Tailors are soooo expensive!

    • I know! I not asked you to take off six inches total (from like 3 pairs of pants) yet it's $65. What!!!

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