Guys in Vests, What do girls think?

I'd like to know what girls really think about guys who wear vests?

I am a pretty skinny guy. I grew up in south africa and never really cared about wearing a t shirt. Obviously being older than 10 years old means you can't go shirtless and not risk someone thinking you're a douche or that you're trying to show off.

So here's my question. I always thought guys who wore vests were trying to show off, and that there was this douche factor about people who wore them. Now however I decided to give them a try and really like wearing them. When it's 33 degrees outside or even if you go to the gym, it's great not getting a t shirt soaked, or just dying of the heat in general.

Is there really this douche factor, even for someone who isn't ripped or with huge muscles, for guys who wear vests or is it my imagination?
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  • lol yeah It depends on the guy... my drama teacher who was like 40 wears it all the time and we are all like >.< but if he's hot its ok :)

  • It depends on the guy... Logan Henderson wore it and I was like *_*


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