How can I make myself unnoticeable and undesirable to men?

How can i make myself unnoticeable and undesirable to men? or i want to be less "sexual" of that makes any sense. What type of clothes can i use to cover up larger breats, and how should i wear my hair? I need some pants that also can hide a "bubblebut". by the way I dont wanna look like a slob or anything like that. Thanks
Is wearing baggy clothes the only thing i can do? I tried searching for "how to be less sexy" and nothing but articles about "how to become more sex" came up... What kind of hair styles are boring or unapealing for most guys?


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  • I had a friend that just wore loose fitting clothes.

    • and guys didn't notice her at all? And did she have big boobs? because even when i use loose fitting clothes my boobs show

    • She had pretty big boobs, but the loose clothes made her look a bit on the heavy side. Yea your boobs will still be noticeable, you could try wearing an athletic bra more often. But I can imagine that could get uncomfortable.

    • I actually hate wearing bras... sports bra are much more comfortable, so i think i need to use them more

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  • Why do you want to be undesirable to men?
    If you are attractive to men, it will be tough to stop all attention unless you start acting like a cave dweller... but...

    I would suggest stay away from the tight and revealing stuff as much as possible.
    If they can't see every crease of your body, they will be less likely to look.
    A top that has frills in front will make the boobs less obvious.
    A bubble butt is hard to cover but again looser pants and dresses can make it less noticeable.

    But when it comes down to it... Guys somewhere will find you attractive. Unless you make yourself gross in some way. SO these options may only reduce the amount but there will always be some.

    • i want to be undesirbale to men because i litterly have zero good experienced with guys romaticlly and sexuallity. I always get disapointed, its always a part of me that thinks that maybe a normal guys for once sake will like me (one of the many guys that stare at me or approach me), but things like that never happes. So if i dont get any attention, then i want think about them and i won't get sad or disapoted. pluss im getting "fat" so i need to loose some fat and i need to hide until its gone and guys only want me for sex, so by hiding underneath big clothes its a better chance they want me for more then my body

    • for once will like me*

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  • Dress like me ;) My tits and arse are large for my frame, but nobody gives me any attention, no matter what I wear because of my 'gothic' style choices. A preference for baggy jumpers helps.

  • if you wear big ass clothes to hide your shape, then you are gonna look like a slob. if you don't want to deal with men just be a bitch to anyone who shows interest

    • i dont want them looking at me... i know people will look at me anyway, unless i stay at home all day. by the way i dont see how i can act like a bitch towards guys that just look at me, or my boobs to be more correct

    • if you don't want guys to look at you, look like a slob. even so some guys with low standards will still look at you. so go for the butch lesbian look. try to look as much like Justin Bieber as possible

    • i guess i need to go shopping for much bigger clothes then... i think i will stay away from the justin bieber look lol

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