Is not traditionally pretty still pretty?

This is going to be hard to explain: I'm not traditionally pretty in the sense that I am not exceptionally tall or blonde or tanned. But I am told I'm very pretty. I have red hair and pale skin. I have this fear hat people stare at me because I'm ugly. I have an hourglass figure on the slim side but not skinny. I have boobies and ass. But I still have a little tummy. (I'm working on it) But anyway, I'm shy and insecure so I find it hard to talk to boys and men first but I'm wondering is non-traditional beauty still pretty. And are these men staring because I am pretty or ugly?


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  • you seem fine dudette!! by the way why "traditional beauty"? why tall or blonde? its not the beauty standard you know... every woman is beautiful


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  • I don't think most people stare at ugly people. Partly, they don't feel like it, partly, it is considered rude. Kids might do it.

    So you're probably hot.

    Lots of beautiful people are neither tall, nor blonde, nor tanned.

  • Neither. They are just staring at you. It's what men do.


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