Would you date a guy without a car?

I really want to be dating, but I seem to have some difficulties because of my circumstances.

I am in the middle of my college degree, I have about 2 years left. There are tons of girls all over campus, and I am a confident and fairly attractive guy.

The problem is that I am basically broke. I have a poor family, and I am putting myself through college. It seems tough to keep girls interested in me when I don't have a car. I can't pick them up for a date, I can't drive to see them, I don't have that freedom of mobility...

My roomy on the other hand just got a freakin M3 and literally has dates every week with different girls. I find myself to be just as attractive as he is, we have similar personalities etc.

Does the fact that I don't have a car really effect the impression girls have of me that much?

I feel like girls aren't going to want to stick with me when they have to do the driving and I can't meet them so easy because I don't have a car. In our society it is traditionally the guy who picks the girl up and drives her around, right?

I feel like I am as capable in every way as any guy can be to fulfill the needs a girl might have, all besides me having a car.. And that sucks because mobility comes in very handy in our society.

My last relationship, which was very rewarding, even ended partly because my inability to carry some of the burden (she had to drive everywhere, pick me up, drop me off etc.)

How vital is it for me to have a car to be able to have a good relationship, or even to find a relationship?

I am in college, and I always assumed most college kids are pretty poor and so it wouldn't be that much of an issue. I have found otherwise, however.

I sure wish my mommy and daddy would buy me a car, pay for my insurance, and everything for that matter. It sickens me when I see self absorbed douchebags driving their sweet rides with their girls in the passenger seat, because I know most of them have it all handed to them. (I'm talking young college students here)

You'd think some women might find strengths in someone like me who has to endure these hardships and still manages to get along pretty well. It has been my experience though, that I can't interest many women simply because I don't have a car.

It's like when I tell them they are like... "oh... you don't have a car, well it was nice meeting you..."

Seriously. Should I just forget about dating till I'm out of college or something? My best mate doesn't even have a license and he is engaged to a girl who does all the driving. Is it hard to find someone like that? I wouldn't care if a girl didn't have a car when she was in college...

What do you all think?
Would you date a guy without a car?
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