If you are into a girl, would you go days without talking to her?

if I like someone then I want to talk to them all the time...

i have been seeing this guy for 2 weeks (I know...not long AT ALL) and the first week we hung out/made out on 3 different nights. (one night went a little further which I kinda regret, but he asked me on a date after so I felt better about it)

now he goes 2 or 3 days between texting me to hang out. I know he is kinda busy, but we all know that doesn't mean no time to text someone.

last time we hung out was kinda weird. he was texting me/calling me all evening saying he wanted to see me...then he met up with some friends and I at a bar (he was the only one in his car without an ID) and he was like I'm going to stay in the car and nap...go inside...

then I was like, "uh are you serious? what do you actually want me to do"

then he told me he wanted me to stay and he was testing me...i stayed and we had a lovely time in the car (kissed/cuddled/talked)

that was 2 nights ago and I haven't heard from him since.

some of my guy friends say that they won't text a girl they like everyday, but some will.

idk it just drives me crazy and I don't want to waste my time if he isn't that into me. it also seems like a little too soon to ask where this is going, you know? I don't want to scare him off.


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  • He gets it. He knows that if he texts you everday that would just get old and might put him in the friend category, and he does not want that. When you two become official, then it will get better. I mean you aren't really "dating" per say right now so I mean when you two start dating and seriously dating, then he will call/text more. Right now it is just awkward and he doesn't want to run out of things to say since you two are still getting to know each other. I mean it wouldn't be any fun if he called you every day. It gives you both something to look forward to. And it's not as awkward if he doesn't text you for a few days. So relax and go with it.


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  • you're really overreacting, and maybe being slightly clingy I reckon. some guys will call and text everyday, but for other guys it just gets old.

    have you been the first to text yet? you maybe should ask HIM to hang out if you haven't yet. I know it really annoys me if I'm the one having to ask to meet ALL the time, but that's not all guys I suppose.


  • Uhhh like a flag on the play here.

    I'm a guy and,no I wouldn't call,or text a chick everyday.

    No matter how much I like a woman or love her.

    I need some"ME"time basically time to myself and things to take care of.

    Than there's work,and things to do around the house.

    If a chick has a problem with that.

    What's wrong with the guy leaving a voice message?

    And if you miss hearing his voice listen to voice mail.

    Let me ask you this?

    How many chicks or percentage of chicks want a guy to call

    everyday?And Why?

  • You're not the only one who gets annoyed when people won't call or text you back. Some people just aren't texters.. or don't like to talk on the phone that much. I am seeing this one girl who won't answer her phone if she is hanging out with friends, because she thinks its rude. And its true, she never answered her phone when it rang when we were hanging out. Maybe it's something like that.. where if they're busy with other people just don't make the time to communicate with others, but who knows.

    The testing thing is kind of weird, don't really know how to describe that one. Almost like he was feeling pity for himself for forgetting his ID, and didn't want to ruin your fun or something.


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  • I would give it some time. guys are dumb they put time restrictions on the stupidest things. He may be waiting for you to call or text. How did you leave it that night who was supposed to get back to whom? if he was supposed to get back to you I would wait.

    • We didn't really specify...if he doesn't text me today would it be a bad idea to text him like around 7 or 8 to see what he's up to?

      last weekend we saw each other on saturday and he didn't text me on sunday...on monday I texted HIM and we chatted for like 10 texts (kinda flirty)...then the next day he texted me to hang out.

      i just don't want to push it if he isn't really interested. I haven't initiated contact since monday and it is friday now.

      (I did see him on tues though). what to do?

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    • Well, plans with my friends are kinda assumed...i could not talk to them until 9pm then call and just be like where are we going tonight? haha

      ah I hate this...i want to just be like hey I like you lets go out tonight

      i won't though because if he isn't interested then I look desperate

    • Trust me guys make things so hard when you can just be straight forward I hate it too. You could just call him and say what are you plans for the weekend? Personally for me I would just wait till he calls to plans with me.

  • wow guys and girls have total different ideas on this one


    but I think I agree with the guys, you should give him some time to himself, unless it was 2 weeks? did you say 2 weeks he hasn't said anything?

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