Why do girls ignore you when they can't come to terms with their feelings?

I'm currently talking to this girl that I'm really into. We talk a lot, she's always flirting with me, asking me to go places with her and all that. I'm good friends with her sister and bestfriend, and they tell me that she talks about me a lot to them. I can tell that she likes me back, but a lot of the time I start to question it because of how she treats me. Some days she'll text and call me all day and it's almost as if we're dating. Other days, she may go a whole day without saying anything to me, so I go on and text/call her. When I do this she seems fine and we talk for a while..

I'm terrible when it comes to girls, i know it's pathetic. Judge me. But why do girls do this.. is it because they don't know how they really feel towards the guy? Thanks.


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  • I think she feels overwhelmed and confused, some girls when they get attached to someone they don't know how to act, they become very conscious of how they appear, so they work hard at minimising their strong feelings because she doesn't want to either be too open, scare you or give you the wrong impression.

    • Hm yeah this is true. Maybe I'm just reading these signs wrong, she may just consider me a good friend. It just feels like I'm wasting my time growing so close to someone then feeling like it all meant nothing. Thanks for the answer though, really helps

  • She might be too nervous to talk to you, or some girls are just afraid of rejection. I think she might like it if you were the one to admit your feelings first, and then she would open up more towards you.


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