What kind of guy are you looking for?

This is for ladies only just wondering what your looking for in a guy and what you want out of a relationship with him


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  • a best friend and a lover.

    someone who'll laugh with me, dance with me, clean with me, watch movies, or put together puzzels, likes BBQ or going to the beach with friends...

    someone who leaves me alone, so I can have something to share later

    someone who doesn't compete with me, unless we're playing pool

    someone I can trust with all my fears and just know that I'm not alone

    someone who knows a lot about something I'm interested in and will share it with me

    someone who won't laugh at me naked

    someone I want to see naked

    what more can you ask for, then a true friend and lover


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  • Well, I found what I'm looking for, but what I wanted was this: Someone very smart, with a great sense of humor, and a big heart. Someone who is kind, warm, loving, and affectionate. A good conversationalist. A good friend. Someone with integrity. Someone who is family oriented. Emotionally stable, mature, free from addictions. Faithful, loyal, and devoted. Spiritually centered. Non-materialistic. Financially responsible. Not shallow. Capable of playfulness. In control of his anger. Respectful. Gentle. Good manners...

  • Personally, I'm looking for a guy who's willing to be my friend before anything else. I want him to know me super well before dating and I'd like for him not to pressure me when we get to that point. Basically, I want to date a friend, not some random cute guy who turns out to be a horndog that wasn't really that interested in the first place.


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