Why do his eyes get real big sometimes?

I don't mean to sound annoying or petty by asking this. But I can't help but notice whenever my crush is talking to me his eyes are real big. But whenever he talks to anyone else they are normal size. I'm not talking about just his pupils, but his whole eye stare big. You know how when you stare at something for a long time your eyes get big? Well that's what it is like.

I mean he doesn't do this all the time, but a lot of the times I have noticed it.

I doubt this has any kind of meaning or significance of any sort, but I am wondering why he might be doing that?

Even though I know it isn't a sign of him liking me or anything I am just wondering what might cause him to do that?


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  • It might be a sign that he likes you. Is he also very animated and excitable when he's talking to you? If so, then he really likes talking to you and gets excited about your conversations.

    Of course, I've gotten my big stare on just by trying not to look down at a woman's chest while talking to her.

    • Yea he gets excited a lot lol


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  • he totally likes you, I'm the same way when I'm talking to my girl. treasure the eyes getting bigger because it means that he wants to catch every little detail. maybe something will work out between you two.


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