Why does he stare with wide eyes?

So I used to have a thing with this guy but we ended things about a month ago and remain friends. I never wanted to end things but he said it was for the best. Whenever I see him I catch him looking at me with massive wide eyes like surprised look. I do try to catch him but he looks away. He does avoid me a lot. Like he was with his friends and then just got up an left where we were having a drink... but the wide eyed look happened and I caught him. This has happened a lot since things ended? I miss him too. Any ideas? Thanks


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  • He's probably still interested and trying to remain focused in two areas, not looking at you too much and making him look like some perv or trying to not get a hard on...

    He probably hasn't realized he has caught you looking so much, so he just continues when he doesn't realize you notice him more than you do.
    So when he notices that you saw him look at him looking at you, if that makes sense, he tries to look surprised or make it look like he was doing something else.

    Hope this helps.

    • So basically he pretends that I didn't catch him looking at me... that makes sense. I just don't know why he ended it. It's silly really

  • wide eyes... mean he saw sth that shocked him maybe..

    • No it's more of a look to side and his eyes look massive and he's just staring straight at me. I caught him once but other times I can see him doing it in my perifiral vision.

    • What would he be shocked about when I'm just talking to a friends and he's sat with his lol

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