Does this shy girl like me, or is she just curious? Is she becoming more distant?

I'm relisting this a little differently. I'm attracted to a very pretty, very shy girl at work. I'm decent-looking, kinda muscular. We're both out of college a few years. I can't tell if she's attracted to me or just curious. I'm also kinda shy, and she may have a boyfriend. Neither of us would ever cheat.

When we talk, she used to stare at me wide-eyed, motionless, full attention, ignoring her phone or whatever, then drop her head to answer me in short sentences. She'd often sweep her hair from her face slowly. If I was with other people, she'd sit nearby. But now as soon as she sees me, she drops her head and stares only at her phone, which she grips with both hands and fiddles with even while answering me. She'll look up at me briefly or laugh if I say something funny. Sometimes she gives me a sentence or two, but mostly her answers are short and almost blurted out. If I make a silly mistake, she'll make a short laugh without smiling, like it just slips out. Once I patted her shoulder, and she sat completely stiff and frozen.

She'll glance at me or look out of the corner of her eye, sometimes touching her hair. She'll walk by me often, staring straight ahead. Once I waved, and though staring ahead she reflexively started to wave back, then stopped. Another time we looked right at each other and I waved, and she turned around to see if somebody was behind her and went on.

She used to glance at me if I'd walk by, then quickly smile and look away. Now she just stares straight ahead if we pass, and her mouth will curl a little just for a moment as she passes by, or her hand immediately goes to her eye to pluck at her eyelashes so she can look away. If I say hi, she'll glance and smile and move on. She used to sit away from me and even move further away if I sat too close, but now she's been actually moving closer to me, even a seat away.

Recently at the movie theater, she and her date came around a corner about 20 yards away from me. She saw me, and immediately her hand went to her eyelashes again as we passed by without saying a word.

She doesn't act this way with anyone else. Do you think she's attracted to me or just curious about me? Do I creep her out or bother her somehow? Is she just getting more comfortable around me? Why is she becoming almost more distant sometimes? Thanks!
Does this shy girl like me, or is she just curious? Is she becoming more distant?
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