Why do a lot of girls settle for less than what they deserve? It's as easy as just MOVING ON!

Why? A lot of times you see a girl that is worth much more than her BF. She could have any guy she wants... But she settles for less... A lot of times, you see a beautiful girl with a lame Boyfriend or a loser that doesn't treat her as good as he should...

What's going on in the girl's head? She may "love" the guy (notice the quotation marks), but when does a little self-respect and common sense come in and say, "There's so much better out there. I deserve better! Why do I even bother with this guy?"

Especially girls who aren't into drugs but they settle for a guy that is and want him to stop. (I never saw the appeal in drugs anyway... like kissing an ash-tray.) Or girls who are obviously mistreated, but still somehow don't see it... Like their "love" blinds them into thinking that its ok that they are being treated poorly as long as they still love the guy or if he does something less than desirable, its ok, because she "loves him..." Think about the future, when there's kids involved and you could be setting them up for getting involved in drugs down the road, or whatever... And I GUARENTEE you don't want that if you truly loved your children.

Why don't girls stop thinking based off pure emotion and give things a little thought. Yeah it hurts a little, yeah you think the guy may be the "only one" for you, but once you've moved on, you see that there's a whole world, out there, of people. It's just up to them to actually pick a decent guy.

It shouldn't be hard to get past a relationship like this anyway, so moving on shouldn't be that hard, especially when you think of someone else being out there that's a lot better. He might even be a close guy friend, that has liked you for a long time, but was too shy to say anything... Or really nice... That'd probably end up being a great relationship... Why shouldn't he be given a chance?

I don't know, I just see a lot of girls on here, and in real life that could be so much happier if they just didn't put themselves though so much BS emotional drama. Given a little bit of thought, they could save themselves a lot of heartache, whether its now, or later in life.

Sorry to be brutally upfront, but that's just how I feel when I see all these obviously bad relationships that are gonna get a girl into some trouble later down the road. Or maybe she's suffering now. Just move one and find someone better, I sounds hard, but in the end, its really not that bad and you'll be happier.

Just looking out for the girls! :) I want them to be happy, and by happy I mean REALLY happy, not what you think is happy... :) I know girls want a "fairy-tale" ending, but even then how does that even go with someone who is lighting up a joint all the time/on drugs, or mistreats his lady... Those examples and "fairy-tale" don't even belong in the same paragraph...

Agree or disagree? Thoughts? I'm curious to see people's opinions.

Why do a lot of girls settle for less than what they deserve? It's as easy as just MOVING ON!
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