Why are so many black girls into white guys these days?

i know most black women arent, but there's been an increasing amount who are interested in white guys. especially online. (have you seen all bllion and four questions of "do white guys like black girls on here?" its crazy. lol)

I don't understand why they just don't date other men because white men clearly are much less interested I black woman than any other race. there are a handful of them and they usually don't like common black features. I guess I have a personal issue with this because my little sister is one of those girls who is SO attracted to white guys and I'm tired of watching her get rejected and heart broken. So many other guys would go out with her and actually treat her the right way but she just flirts with these guys who at best end up hooking up with her or playing games or bailing because their brother-sister-cousin-dog doesn't like the idea of interracial relationships. she's a year younger than I am and all through high school I saw this and still happening in college. I'm annoyed. I don't even date black guys - most of my bfs have been latino and one guy was native american. I have more of a chance with average white guys than she does. that sounds horrible but its true. I love her and I think she is so beautiful but its a type of beauty that is only accepted and appreciated by few white guys. I am very light skinned, just tan, I have blue eyes, long, loose curly brownish-blondish hair, I have a slim nose, etc. I'm beautiful on a universal stage whereas my sisters very dark skin, tightly curled hair, rounder nose, etc. is a vision of beauty that seems to always be opposed unless its a runway model. I think white guys are crazy hot. I hooked up with them in high school (still do). a guy who I'm kind of hooking up with right now has a family that all but hates black people. super elitist I guess but he's sexy as f*** so its okay. but I never expect anything from them because I know how white-black relations go. still lots of tension and issues. so I'm not even trying to deal with the self esteem shattering situations my sister ends up in. especially considering they don't idolize her beauty openly. she has asked white guys out before and had them blow her off only later to find out its because of her race. two guys told her to her face that they don't like black girls. one guy said she should relax her hair because it made her look "too black." I mean how much more will it take for girls like my sister to get the message and back off. I get pissed when I see her hurting and she's crying in my lap and saying she wishes she wasn't black, why did god have to make her black. I'm tired of it. there are tons of hot non-white guys who she could have who have asked her out but she doesn't want to "settle." ugh. I'm going to slap her.

this ir relationship trend is killing her self esteem and I hate it. so forgive me if I'm not all lets hold hands and sing kumbaya. >:/
Why are so many black girls into white guys these days?
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