Do girls prefer jeans or jogging pants?

So my dad still buys clothes for me because I dont have a job yet. I always want to buy jogging pants for comfort, but my dad refuses and makes me buy jeans because he says girls like guys who dress well. I always thought girls would be more attracted to a guy who has the confidence to dress how he wants to, obviously jogging pants can't fit every occasion though, but i mean for casual, every day dress. Sorry for grammar, on my shitty phone.

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  • I think your dad is right, but there's nothing wrong with wearing more comfortable clothes occasionally.

    Think of it this way. The girls that you see on an everyday basis like at school, do they dress up? Wear a dress, jeans, nice shirt, shorts, etc? Or do they always wear sweatpants and more comfortable lounge clothes on a daily basis? Which do you prefer more? Do you notice or even care? How does it affect how they present themselves to everyone else?

    I'm not shallow enough to judge a guy based on the type of pants he wears, but if you had to choose one over the others, choose the jeans. I would say that if you're dressing for school (5 days a week), you're allowed one comfy day a week. Other than that, be a little more presentable. Girls aren't going to judge you solely on the pants you wear, but it's always nice to look nice! Some days are okay, but not every day.

    • I was always more attracted to the girls who don't care about their appearance and wear jogging pants, tank tops, and don't bother with make up. My last crush was like that, but to each their own I guess.

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  • Jeans or some pants that aren't made for working out.
    If you wear those it just makes you look like a slob... and no one wants someone who's already given up... right?

  • Both are fine. Obviously jeans can be dressed up more but jogging pants can be perfectly fine for casual settings. Just be sure to get the style/type that looks best on you and to pair it with the right shirt and shoes.

  • In my opinion jeans look better but hey you should wear what you want and you shouldn't care about what others think. Go for the jogging pants if that's what you like

  • Your dad is right. Jeans look so much better. I mean its ok to wear jogging pants like once a week, but jeans all the way. Guys look so much hotter in jeans.

  • There is not one better than the other. There must be a balance. Jogging pants can be done in a wrong way and make a guy look sloppy/ homeless. On the other hand, if done correctly and paired appropriately with correct attire and worn occasionally, then it can look sexy af. It just depends. You don't want to look lazy by wearing them all the time but it's a really nice change up if you only wear jeans.


What Guys Said 1

  • ''Don't give a shit'' Hahaha

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