Guys, favorite hairstyle on girls?

Do you like the long flowy look? Wavy? Bun? Ponytail? Bows, headbands, bun? Interested to see your comments...


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  • Kind of surprised none of the guys didn't say :D this

    • That's one of my personal favorites :)

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    • That's cute as hell (#^ ^#)

    • Her hair would have to be like at her hips for it to be that long. Like when my hair is past my boobs and I french braid my hair. It never gets close to being that long lol. Plus it doesn't move to freely, lol. I will agree that hair style does make you feel sexy.

  • It doesn't matter to them, as long as it looks good on you. So figure out your face shape and pick a hairstyle that complements it. Here's a link for short hairdos I found really helpful:
    If you find something that you love and looks good, the boys will appreciate it. ;) Good luck!

  • My boyfriend's favourite is long, and two tone.
    Thankfully that's my preference too.

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