How can I improve my body? love handles and a small butt!

Well I don't have ''the perfect body '' I wanna work on it and perhaps id feel better about how I look.

I'm a vegetarian, on what I can call a healthy diet and I work out almost everyday. I have major noticeable love handles and the smallest butt ever.

Ive read articles about everything, they all seem to be very ''commercial like'' and nothing really works, whether its certain food or specific workouts. Also am not willing to go through any surgeries. so my questions are:

1. How can I get rid of my love handles?

2. How can I make my butt bigger?

3. Do you know any good vegetarian diets that actually works?

* Please answer the questions based on your own experience and real facts, Thank you.


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    ---eat foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids...almonds, olive oil, avocado, etc. these good fats are essential in the way your body stores fat.

    ---don't eat anything white, meaning no sugar & no white breads. the fiber in whole wheat is good for your bowel movements and gives you longer energy because it doesn't make your blood sugar spike like white flour. makes you fuller too.

    ---if you're doing as much excercise as you say, you may need to eat more. if you don't eat enough, your body will take the energy it needs from your muscles. and muscle is important because it increases your metabolism (muscle burns the most calories).


    ---weight lift to build muscle.

    ---do cardio but make sure you keep your heartrate between 135--150 to burn fat. anything under 135 burns sugar, and over 150 burns muscle...not good.

    ---eat more protein, omega 3 fatty acids, & food high in fiber... tofu, beans, eggs for protein. whole wheat, brown rice for fiber, etc

    • And I would hope I know what I'm talking about since I am a personal trainer. ; )

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    • No, you're wrong.

      Pound for pound, muscle weighs EXACTLY the same as fat. It's like comparing a ton of bricks, to a ton of feathers..

      However, muscle is more compact and dense than fat. While fat is more fluffy, and takes up more space in the body.

    • Dunno if you've seen results or not, but id like to recommend that you use a caloric maintainence calculator, that will tell you how many calories you need to maintain your current weight, then you have 2 choices, take in 500 more than what you need to maintain to get that bigger butt, or take in 500 less to drop the love handles, if your taking in too many you'll put on fat and not enough and its believed that your body will start burning muscle, so be careful, and good luck.

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  • Honestly I can't think of a way you can get what you need on a purely vegetarian diet without eating lots of vitamins/supplements. The most basic diet formula for building muscle and losing fat is low carbohydrates, and high protein. The problem with that is that anything that comes from plants or grains is naturally very very high in carbohydrates, and meats are naturally high in protein.

    We are omnivores, meaning our bodies depend on nutrients that you need a steady diet of all the food groups to get. There are supplements you can take to make up for the protein you're not getting, but there's nothing you can take to make up for the fact that, as a vegetarian, you're overloading yourself with carbohydrates which are detrimental to fat burning/muscle building.

    As far as making your butt bigger goes, the only way to add SIZE to a muscle group is to do lots of weight lifting with heavy weights. For butts it would be like the squat.

    • I don't get lots of carbo. unless am not on a diet, like pasta, rice and stuff like that but when am on my diet routine, I eat lots of vegetables. but I do have a dairy problem I like dairy a lot but I do get the low fat ones even if am not on the diet thingy. anyway seems like my diet routine is working as I am not just losing little weight( which what I want I don't wanna lose weight that much) am getting fitter. as for my workouts its working just fine as well. thanks for the comment =)

  • At 5'4" and 127lbs you're just about at a perfect weight. You can't possibly have appreciably big love handles. You're resting (sitting down and still for at least 10 minutes) heart rate should not be more than 72 beats per minute. If you've been sitting down for at least 15 minutes and your heart rate is 100 beats per minute than you need to start doing aerobic exercises to strengthen your heart and thus lower your heart rate. The lower your heart rate the higher your metabolism will be. You will be burning more energy and lose weight depending on what and how much you eat. Try to get your resting heart rate down to at least 64 beats per minute. If you haven't been physically active all day do not eat anything more than enough to satisfy your hunger no matter how hungry you feel or you will gain weight.

    • Now am confused, the gurl there said it should be higher than 135..

      i try not to eat anything heavy at night and has to be 4 hours before bed time.

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    • I will try to find out what my heartrate is tomorrow morning perhaps..thank you a lot for your help . I appreciate it !

    • You can find your pulse in your wrist or the side of your neck. Watch the second hand of clock and for at least 10 seconds count the pulses you feel then multiply by six.

  • There are no magic foods that will make your butt bigger or make your body better in general. You'll need to exercise and intake food high in protein, since you are a vegetarian I would recommend a lot of milk and mushrooms. Your only other option is surgery, get a tummy tuck and tell them to relocate the fat to your butt.

  • This video will give you a good idea of what it takes to be super hot:

    • Are you being sarcastic?? this isn't funny

      this video is super stupid to be honest, I mean those gurls have '' the perfect body'' and the exercise they are doing CANNOT BE compared with what Am Doing and they re just Toning!!! now am doing Beachbody Insanity Porgram ,i need to get in shape first then I will do the toning thingy!

    • Lol, didn't you want more butt? iI talks about that on the vid.

    • No am not insecured, its stupid because I obviously don't have her body to begin with so your point was just to be ''mean'', that's why its extremely stupid when am actually asking a question for real and this video doesn't show a real exercise, its just her showing off her body, so what was your point..? really?

      if you don't know what advice you could give me then...simply don't !

  • 1. Adobe Photoshop (TM) : that's how models do it. here: link

    2. just wait


    • Am a graphic designer and I know what photoshop does... what I need is to photoshop people's vision and sight so not gunna work!

    • It works for all the Vogue models and the like.

    • I don't wanna be a vogue model I just wanna improve my body! If I want to be skinny as those models id go bulimic or pop pills of something! not cool

  • You don't need to worry with a face like that. It is important to drink a lot of water, steer clear of fast food, and cut out soda. Walk as much as you can too. Please though STOP COMPARING YOURSELF! P.S. I heard peanut butter makes your butt get tremendous.

    • I don't drink soda or eat fast food. I do drink a lot of water and am not comparing myself with anyone! I just wanna feel better about myself when I look in the mirror, am not saying am not happy about what am seeing, I just would like to look better, like another 10% better? hehe

      peanut butter ? well I guess in my case it will go straight to the love handles.

      Thank you for the comment and compliment by the way , made my ady!

  • Vegetarianism doesn't really work for me- it murdered my times in the races I'd be in. I liked being a vegetarian, but I couldn't hack it with my performance.

    Personally, small butts are better. nothing wrong with one.

    Love handles? I suggest walking or running. Jogging seems to do well for most of my friends who decided to get into shape, but a treadmill works too.

    • Am not a vegetarian just because I choose to, I cannot eat meat.. I just can't for lots of reasons.

      i don't have just a small butt its also kinda flat compared to the other parts of my body..

      i do jog,walk and run on the treadmill.

      i honestly began to see some results around the tummy and butt, but people are telling me that am just imagining and my butt won't ever get bigger hehe

      i hope those things people suggested will work and thank you for your comment =)

  • If that's your face on your avatar, you have nothing to worry about in the looks department.

    Excercising your glutes is no problem. Try cycling--it doesn't beat the crap out of your knees and ligaments, like runing/walking. Excercise WILL bulk your butt up (look at speed skaters' butts).

    • Aww that's sweet of you, yes it is my face! hehe

      well I've been doing this I can see results around my love handles, but butt lol Nothing!! haha

  • Do a lot of workouts that work out your but and abs. not just strait crunches but side-to-side ones. Don't be vegetarian. You need protein to grow muscle. Just eat regularly.

  • found this link

    • Thank you so much this helps alot!

    • No prob, I'm jus glad to see the want to get the booty phat. YEA!

    • Hahaha yeah it would Never get Phat, a little hill would be great! am that desperate!

  • do core exercises...and squats with medicine ball...Your ass will be on fire after these workouts, but after a while you'll see results. It's what you eat as well.

  • 1. diet and exercise

    2. Squats, lunges and sprint training. - don't get into sprint training unless you are already physically strong and fit.

    3. No, I like eating meat, but I'm sure you could find some good vegetarian diets through google.

    • Never heard of sprint training, I should look it up, yes I did find some vegetarian diets on the net =)

      Thanks for your help

  • eat every two hours to boost ur metabolism and blood sugar level

    eat oatmeal in the AM and lean meats in the PM some fruit also

    then do cardio everyday of the week for 30 minutes each session at like a 4.5 pace with a 5 incline on the treadmill have to get ur heartrate to 60% of ur maximum heart rate which is 220 minus ur age

    then work out 3x a week do some upper body some lower body and some ab exercises do lots of reps with less weight to lose weight and get a define body

    what do you think of my body?



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  • First off. no one has "the perfect body."

    Second, it just sounds like maybe you're not doing the right type of work-outs. I have "love-handles" too, and the best work-put I've found is the pilates videos, because they tone your body, and toning makes you get abs! well if you work on if for a long time lol. But pilates, for me, slims that down, and might work better than running, jogging, lifting weights, etc. or whatever you were doing beforehand. Also, just a thought, make sure you're wearing the right size jeans. Some people have no "lovehandles" at all, and might be wearing too small of jeans.

    Anyways, for your butt do core excersises or something like that, because those will help a lot!

    And for being a vegitarian, I have no idea about any of that, but I hope I helped with the first 2 questions! =)

    • I do pilates sometimes but I liek to mix with everything like for example I could do yoga and tae bo today and the next I could do zumba ..

      i began to notice some progress around my tunny and love handles this week.. I hope it gets better and better ..

      am starting a new workout next week called Beach Insanity. it looks good I hope it works.

      Thank you for your help =)

  • 1. Cardio(aerobic exercise), strength training, and eating healthy. Combination of them will lean you up in no time. No more love handles.

    2. Leg exercises. Try squats! They're the freak'n BEST! Best butt exercise hands down.

    I've actually noticed results from leg exercises on my butt. I do leg exercises about 3 days a week. I do squats, lunges, hamstring curls, leg extenstions, calf raises, steps, donkey kicks, pelvic raises, leg press and cardio(sprints). The heavier the weight, the bigger the butt.

    3. Sorry, I just don't know how anyone could give up meat.

    Also try getting ivolved in sports and doing more outdoor activities(swimming, hiking, etc).

  • Love handles, cardio at least 30 mins per day. Running is the best for the mid section. I would also do ab exercise. Get that tummy toned and the love handles will go down a bit.

    Small butt, I would do squads and lunges. Try yoga. Combine cardio with strength training.

    Aside from all that. Because your hips expanded due to development, your love handles are just normal fat covering the hips, but because you have a small butt, it just makes your love handles bigger. They are probably not that big.

    • Am doing Yoga,Pilates,Tae Bo Cardio, Ab Cardio, Squats and Lunges I try to do all these per a week. I also jog on the treadmill everyday for at least 20 minutes. but still no progress around the love handles or butt.

      its been so long.. I don't wanna lose hope lol

      perhaps I should try harder.. but my love handles are considered big since I have no butt and really skinny legs so the Upper Part looks bigger somehow!

      anyway thanks for your help. I appreciate it!

    • Reaching for a goal and making your body feel and look at its best is fantastic!

      But just remember there is no such thing as perfection, I bet your body looks better than a lot of girls out there! Don't worry too much and don't over work yourself. =)

    • Thats so sweet of you haha Thank You!!

      I know I don't look horrible, I have a healthy normal body but I just wanna lose few pounds here and there to balance the upper part with the my lower one that's all,,

  • I'm veg too! I do Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, plus extra cardio and squats & such. She's blown up now, but seriously, 30 Day shred is amazing. I love it. It worked for me!

  • just try to lose weight all over. you can't make your but bigger. but skinny girls look better with a small but. look at most models thier skinny with a little but.

    • I know that I can't lose weight on a specific part...and I know that most models are skinny with a cute butt but I have a flat one, with big breasts.. so it looks ugly No Balance

      thanks anyway

  • my best advice to you is to go to slimming worl if ur looking to loose weight a girl I know lost 6 stone in 6 months I'm gonna join it myself because I have the same problem as you good luck with it

  • Well wear small pants and your butt will look bigger.

    You look sexy in that picture! A small butt only takes you 1 step forward!

    -Boob lady

    • Hehehe well yeah that's my trick to wear really tight pants around the ass so it looks bigger but I want to make it bigger as well so I don't have to trick pople!

      lol @ boob lady, am a boob lady as well and thanks for the compliment =)

  • It is a question of your body shape, you are apple shaped, well I am pear shaped so I have the same problem but on my hips! I tried everything on this planet to get them thinner, I can tell you there is no solution. You want thin waist you have to lose a lot of weight in other parts (butt, boobs, arms, back, etc) because your waist will be the last to reduce. To be able to put a size 2 pants I got stick thin arms, my ribs are visible, etc. Another solution is surgery. But for your butt problem, you have to built up muscles there. You have to use havy charges for that purpose and eat meat to provide proteins.

  • I have the same issues: my butt shape is flattish and small in proportion to my body and I have love handles

    Getting rid of love handles means you have to do a lot of cardio since you lose fat all over your body, you can't spot reduce

    And if you want to make your butt bigger do squats, lunges and bridges

    • I do all that its not working!! I have a flat ass as well..i heard that yoga is good makes the butt bigger somehow.. so am working on that as well..but I do cradio ,squats and lunges all the time..

      I hate the fact that the fat stores around my belly and love handles only.. would have been better if it was on my butt

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