Characteristics for "You look like a bitch"

I get that a lot. Well people don't come out and say I look like a bitch but people I get to know always tell me after they know me better that when they first met me they thought I was mean or a bitch. Guys tell me I look mean too. I don't know why, I don't think I do. I have a straight face and I don't go around smiling all the time (who does? That would be crazy)

So what characteristics comes across as BITCHY in a girl if you don't know her?


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  • 1- Attractiveness:

    Girls that present themselves as high value towards men- usually come off as a bitch, because guys have been shut down repeatedly by women of the same standard, and visa-versa for women in the same shoes.

    2- Friendliness:

    Women that show a "fake" smile are just as troublesome as the women that don't smile. If we do something nice for you and you like that- show it. You're feeling good and we like that. Win-Win

    3- Language:

    Body signs such as being "prominent" (meaning you walk around like your in a hurry, etc) or saying things like "Haha, that's cute- thanks" (short answers) come off as great indicators of a "bitch" role.

    4- Promisquety

    I know I didn't spell the word right, but men find women that are "openly sexual" with other men, as bitches. You know it, we feel it, its a known fact. Women that do this are considered "bitches" in the fact that they play the field and can use any guy they want.

    5- Misc.

    No two people are the same, ask these "guys" what makes you a bitch. They should know best what classifies that you are in this category.

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    • 1. I don't know if I am that attractive. some people tell me I'm pretty but I'm not super hot.

      2. I smile in conversation and when I'm talking but not any other time.

      2. yeah I am a little shy

      4. nope not promiscious

    • 1- If people call you pretty, than they probably think you have looks.

      2- Good, smiles indicate friendliness

      3- Being shy would be a clear indicator that you are not a bitch- so long as- you aren't shutting people out of your life because of past pains

      4- Good, that indicates you are mature and ready to go somewhere in life.

      5 - Approachability? Have you consider if people can talk to you at random? Meaning a stranger you wouldn't know- would have the ability to speak with you as well.

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  • Attitude, body-language and how she acts around and treats people. But here's the kicker. A smile increases your 'face value' from what I've been told, and if you don't smile, or even talk for that matter, society will judge an indivdual rather harshly and assume that you're something you may or may not be. Smiling all the time? Yeah, it may be crazy. But a smile here and there goes a long way : )


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  • sometimes eyebrows, their expression or the way they look can come across as bitch or the way you walk or act and also the way she looks at people or talks about people can come across as bitchy. of course, I'd have to get to know a person or talk to them to know more but this is just in regards to looks.

  • lmao lots of people tell me I look like a bitch too. umm do you hold a like hard facial expression when you think or you're walking around? cause I always furrow my brows and I look kinda mad when I'm thinking or just concentrating or walking lol and people tell me I look mean and they found it hard to approach me... but I'm actually nice! lol

  • I get that a lot too. People have told me it's because I "don't smile" but that's not true, I don't smile any less than other people (like you pointed out, no one walks around smiling all the time). I think it's mostly because I'm a quiet person. A lot of people get the impression that someone who's shy must be a mean person or have a bad attitude and that's why they're not talking to everyone.

  • People seem to say the same thing about my sister. She never smiles at people and gives off this unapproachable attitude. Many think she is very stuck up. It is just that she is shy and doesn't really want to have to talk to people. I guess you could try to smile more often...not extremely smiley...IDK anyone that does that. But it is just that you probably seem unapproachable like you have a serious attitude. Maybe you look at people without really "lookig" at them. Like you could care less about them. This is just what I notice when I think a girl looks bitchy. I have heard that smiling makes you seem nicer. But believe you me, I don't go around smiling all the time.

    • So when should I smile?

    • Smile when someone says something nice to you, or something funny.

  • Lol I get exactly the same thing and it p*sses me off. People say one way to not look like a bitch is to smile-but who walks around with a grin plastered on their face? noone. The only reasons I can think someone might think you look like a bitch is if you look moody/not smiling, if you are shy-might look unapproachable or if you are fake looking maybe.