Do certain cars attract girls better?

Ok, there is the age old cliche (if you want to call it that) that expensive and flashy cars, or the new "cool" cars attract girls. Obviously this won't be the case for 100% of girls.

I ask this for a reason, I love cars. I have a couple cars myself, but often drive my 1969 Pontiac GTO. To quote one of my female friends the car is "the sex". I have gotten some mixed reactions from the car, partially because I haven't fully restored it yet, so its more or less "bucket" status. But some girls seem to really dig it.

So I am wondering, does the car a guy drives really matter to you, and if it does, how far does that take your interest in a guy? (I am not asking, will you sleep with a guy cause he has a Ferrari, but will the Ferrari just get you to look, talk, or even ask for a number)

Also, if cars DO get your attention, what types of cars? Muscle cars, tuners, tricked out SUVs, mudders, eco-friendly. lol what?


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  • At the end of the day, it's not the car, its the guy. If your car is trash, you aren't doomed to never get a date, and if you have a souped-up muscle car you aren't guaranteed to get laid either. But yes, we do look. Think of it this way: Really nice car = Money. I know that comes off sounding like a gold digger and this definitely does not at all apply to every girl. But just scientifically speaking, women are geared to be interested in men who make good providers, who can care for them. In modern society, men with money tend to provide for their women very well. (This is kind of the same way a man looks at a woman with large breasts, a small waist, and wide hips and their biological reader says "fertile"). So, very crudely broken down, Nice car = Money = Capable of providing for a woman. No, we do not literally think this way when we look it a man and his car. It's pretty much a subconscious product of evolution. And of course, some girls just like cars... An interest in automotives is not strictly a male interest, so a girl could totally admire a car just for what it is.

    • That basically what I was thinking. I understand your description as well, I have taken a few Psychology classes and that stuff gets covered all the time. I guess part of me is wondering, does the car really do an affect on a girl, in a more conscious manner. Less so on the provider aspect, more of "cool car, possibly cool guy". The only reason I really ask this is because I have heard things that may lead to such a hypothesis. Hah Ty though ^_^

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    • Haha, that's more on track. My bad for not initialy making the Q more clear.

      Now what about this, the car is cool blah blah, but the guy driving it isn't being cocky or attention horing or anything of the sort? What if its a great car, but the guys just being more or less "normal" about driving it?

    • If the guy driving the car isn't acting like he's the star of the show in a music video, then I probably wouldn't think much more other than "Hey, cool car." I wouldn't be rushing over to him because I just had to flirt with a guy with a car so awesome, lol... but it might start up a good conversation- How long have you been working on that, did you come up with all these ideas yourself, etc. And once a conversation starts up, it's all on the guy himself, his personality and conversation skills.

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  • No, the type of car he drives doesn't matter to me at all. I hope that he maintains the inside where it's clean, like no trash all over the place, vacuumed and presentable. This is important to me personally because it says a lot about his character.

    Cars that do make me turn my head: Muscle cars, like the 2010 Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang with the racing strips down the hood. These cars are HOT! I love them in bright colors, clean with a good coat of wax. Souped up trucks are also really awesome. Like a Dodge Ram on a lift with huge tires, a brush guard on the front and slightly tinted windows. Finally, the Jeep Wrangler that is open with no top or windows. It's so awesome to go out for a drive with the wind in your hair, music blasting, heading to the beach.

  • I rly don't care about cars since I don't know anything about them. The only time I care is if the cars looks rly kewl with lots of designs and flashy colors.

    I'm not gonna discriminate over a car, tho it would be great if my boyfriend had a car that was intact.

    I think its weird when people drive around with windows missing out of ur car then try and cover it up with trash bags, rust everywhere, its literally falling apart , and it looks like frankenstein or sumthin made out of a bunch of different pieces...

    • Hahaha , i had a jeep Liberty which has a muscular look , but really bad machine , really bad suspension , everytime I pass the bumps , I feel really bad and automatically say sorry to passenger whoever riding with me , but my ex girl friend loved it based on its look, then I change it to touareg 2 , because it's comfortable and comes with lots of new techs and low key but it looks a little bit fatty, always criticize it. Be honest I felt a little bit sad , girls like cars besed on their looks. It adorable hahaha

  • I'm sure there are, if you want to attract a 14 year old who wants to show off her "cool older boyfriend who can drive omg!!111"

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  • Went from a J body pushing 208hp to a 71 240z fully restored pushing 562bwhp with a twin turbo still no luck.. so that answer your question?

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