How to get long, curly hair without it looking stringy and thin?

I have naturally curly hair, it's always been medium length but I recently decided to grow it. When my hair gets too long, my curls start to look stringy and flat. How can I get bouncy curls without changing my hair length?


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  • When your hair gets longer, the weight is going to pull your curls down and make them loose. The best thing to do is trim your hair with layers so it enhances the shape of your hair. It will be shorter I'm certain parts, so you'll have cute little tight curls framing your face.

    I have curly hair and my cousin is a professional stylist :)


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  • get a good haircut that will enhance your curls. i don't know of any cuts that will maintain your length, but i know of techniques that can make your hair grow quickly

  • when you blow dry use a round brush for volume

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