How do you get over height issues?

So, I usually won't date guys that are shorter than me. I started talking to this guy recently (I met him from a dating site and he lives down the street from me) and I really enjoy talking to him and I think he could have potential. Not to mention he's really cute. I asked how tall he was, and he said 5'3" (5'4" with shoes). In the past, I've always felt really awkward around guys shorter than me, and I am 5'6". Something about taller guys just draws me to them. However, this guy is really awesome and we can definitely keep a conversation going. Is there any way to get over a height issue? I had dated a guy before and he was 5'5". I did like him, though it was weird when standing in front of him or kissing. I also went on a few dates with an Asian dude that was 5'3". I didn't care for him, but that could be due to the fact he was all over my sh*t.


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  • Well some people resort to Surgery to increase hight. Like in that movie Gattica (cant remember if its one t or two what the heck ill put two in just for fun) with Uma Thurman and what's his name meh can't remember. If you really like this guy and he feels the same you can book him in for some limb lengthening surgery. I he loves you and wants to be with you he will do it. But be prepared to meet him half way so he only need to get 1 or 1.5 inches to meet you and you can have the lenth of your limbs shortenend. If you really love him you should do it.

    On the otherhand the upside to being taller than the guy is that its easier for you to win an arguments and intimidate him.

    Its not an easy decison to make, expensive, time consuming, painfull. It would be easier if he had a brother,cousin,dad who was taller. Just thinking outside the square. Most people just walk away and go back to the dating site,MySpace, Facebook after you bonked him of course no point in wasting a sparkly soul, and then think about him, years later wishing that you did. Ok that got personal, I have regrets I didn't bonk a few looking back. Sigh, memories. Sorry about that. This is supose to be about you and not me.


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  • I wrote a long message about this, since I'm a 5'5" height guy and I know quite a bit on this subject, believe me. But I deleted it since I'd rather just leave you with this rationale to your problem, because it is good for any situation in which you're trying to sort out your feelings:

    Ask yourself WHY his height bothers you. Not the reasons it does, you already know that. But ask yourself why you are feeling that way. Are they legitimate reasons? Are they based on something real or just speculation? And if you really think those reasons are still good reason to move on, then do so.

    And you could also simply ask yourself what you're looking for in a guy, including everything. Does this guy meet enough of those expectations? Is he lacking anything important that you're certain you want in a guy? What about tall guys do you like and can this guy still do that for you without being tall? (basically, ask yourself what a tall guy can do for you that a short guy can't).

    For example, if you realize that his height prevents you from being physically attracted enough to him (and since he won't be getting any taller) to have that "spark" then that might give you some closure to your feelings that doubt being with him. Then again, it could be rooted in something like feeling insecure about not conforming to the "norm" of a tall/dark/handsome man and the petite/feminine/reserved woman.

    • I don't think it has much to do with the "norm" of society but what has been MY norm. I've hung out with him twice so far and I'm finding that height isn't as much of an issue as I thought it would be. Yeah, it looks weird when I'm standing in front of him, but I got over that kind of quick. I do believe what he lacks in the height department, he makes up with personality and other qualities I really like.

  • Unless your acting out of desperation I'd suggest you not break your liking tall guys thing if that's what you really are into. Why? Because if height is an issue where it makes you feel awkward then this dude is not really the one for cannot start something new feeling any negativety and expect to be happy. Find someone you know your going to be happy with.

    • I wouldn't say it's negativety. I'm just used to dating guys taller than me. I would hate to throw away something that could potentially be amazing, based on something as little as height. I mean, it's not everyday I find someone I can talk to for hours on AIM.

    • If it really was that amazing you wouldn't be questioning any part of it.

      It's not what you fully want deep down so now your worried about it. That's why I'm saying it's negative. The only possible way to get around it would be to see him a couple times and be seen with him in public and maybe you will start to feel different. Other then that you will be prone to not being completely happy and in return probably hurt him. It's not a bad thing though about liking tall guys...most girl prefer it

  • There are some women out there who realized they've had the best f*** with a guy shorter than them.

    • This is nothing new nor strange.

      Thing about the *ideal* men in story books and movies, Prince Charming, James Bond, George Clooney are depicted as not only good looking but TALL.

      The guy does have a tough break, the problem is not only on your end but on societies as a whole.

      In closing : Thank GOD I'm TALL

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  • Just give him a chance and if it's really meant to happen, you probably won't even care about his height.

    • I've seen many couples where the girl is taller than the guy. He didn't seem to be intimidated and she didn't appear to like him less because she had to look down to his eyes.