Do all pretty girls go through a "I love druggies! - phase"? I'm really starting to wonder...

OK, so a know a few, very, very... VERY pretty girls that are going out with no so attractive, in fact ugly, druggie guys. and when I was at work at a local fast food restaurant working drive through, I noticed a few instances like this as well!

What's up with that? It makes no sense! What is going on there? And its the good, drug-free type guys that have all the trouble in getting girls! Why is everything so... backwards?!

Well I mean guys smoking weed, cigarettes, maybe even worse drugs I've heard in some cases... or guys that get themselves so hammered that they pass out... yeah I gotta say that's... just... awesome! :/
and really... what a GREAT father figure they must make one day! :/


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  • Because some girls are looking for love in all the wrong places...Trust me you don't want that girl that falls for druggie guys because she has more problems then a math book. And Being a woman I know that love comes in so many ways...Would you rather a pretty girl that is constanly cheating on you or a regular girl that has nothing but love in her heart for you. Love makes people beautiful.Why is everything so... backwards?! called your life on planet Earth. lolBut you are going to find you a beautiful woman that matches you perfectly and you will see her as an angel...and she will thank god everyday for having you


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  • OMFG smoking cigarettes MAKES YOU BAD...well ain't I just goona burn in ever loving hell!

    Come on hellfire lets see what you got

    let me tell you your just p*ssed cause no girls want you (yet if ever) so your blaming others for your own deficiencies. get over your complex of your so much better than everyone else it must because I'm better than them and their evil" thought s you have and you may get the potential for sex on day!

    • You made me laugh +1

    • I'm just saying... to me its instant dealbreaker. It's not good for you, end of story.

      I'm not BLAMING, I just don't see how it's seemingly attractive, because it's definitely not attractive to me. And I wouldn't want my children, one day, to smoke... I'd be devastated to see them doing that to themselves. It's about love, really.

    • Thank you artistBboy! I've been laughin since I did it ;) guessss whyyyyy

      AND little question asker BLAMING is the only word to pick out threw my tirade you understood? my god.......grow up oppie.

  • Weed, cigarettes, and getting so hammered that they pass out...ever been to a college campus?

    Also, my dad just found out today, at the age of 53, that he had a party for his 21st birthday. Guess who got wasted? lol That's in his past; he's not like that anymore, and he is in fact a "great" father figure.

    I think you're being too judgmental, and I agree with reven, you're blaming others.

  • Do you have proof they were druggies?

    Or is an alternative look to what you sport considered to be a druggy?

    Just because people have different styles in no way means they are druggies you should probably better explain this

  • well I don't know about all girls, but in my town, the pretty preppy populars go for the "bad boys"

    • Not true in all situations - there are several gorgeous + preppy + popular girls that I have dated, and by no means am I that much of a "bad boy" =)

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  • Every human that has a good self-efficacy would like to assist another person and get something, especially the "gooey middle" that few others get, out of that person. Alternatively, these druggies could be great people and you are stereotyping them as ugly and drug users, so your not giving them the time of day- which could be best for a legal standpoint, but you would be missing out on their personality that matters to these women.

    Also, from watching my friends *wink* - I noticed that druggies tend to be more laid back but outgoing (they don't care when stuff goes wrong, but they initiate lots of things to happen). Also the thrill of dating a bad-boy is kinda amusing to some individuals.

    When things are bass-ackwards its a little wierd, but whatever works for the individuals involved is what's best for the time being.

    Best regards,


    • I know that not in all situations, but I'm tlaking about in my town, it's like every good guy dates a bad girl and every good girl dates a bad boy

    • =) Interesting perception, I guess it refers back to what I wrote in this summary of my answer lol. I don't know, I have dated several people in the term of my youth and I will continue doing so because I like the information it gives me. I have helped quite a many "bad girls" and also I have dating quite a sum of "good girls"... I guess its preference to help someone change their bad habbits?

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