Long hair on guys yes or no?

I am 23, with glasses and thick brown wavy/curly hair. Currently growing my hair out it is almost to my chin. Girls, do you think long hair can be attractive on a guy? And if so what styles do you like? Ponytail, man bun, top knot (lol just kidding about that one, I've already decided it's not for me). I work in foodservice so it will be up in a bun or ponytail or something like that at work, but I wouldn't mind advice on how to wear it outside of work.

Would love advice from guys on styles and such too. Thanks :)

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  • I think some guys can pull off that hair style and it looks good on the ones who can, but for you, since I don't know you, I can't tell how you would look with long hair a pic would help but I would think that you wouldn't want to since you didn't put one up :)
    when you're in public, I'd say either put in a ponytail with a few loose strands or just to leave it down and let it be free lol


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  • I prefer the guy to have short hair but Imve liked maybe 3 guys with long hair.

    One guy was mixed and he always wore his hair in a low ponytail. He actually looks like this guy. Same hairstyle and all:


    Other guys who look good with long hair:



    This man looks like Jesus lol


    • Cool, I am white not mixed race, but my hair type is kinda between the first and third guys I guess. Good to see it can be done, lol. I was thinking of getting contacts too, or different frames, that would probably make some difference.

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    • Haha I think I'd take them off for something like that!

    • Yea... But then I'll be riding blind lol

  • I am not particularly into that shit!

  • usually hate it but honestly depends

  • Usually I like super short hair but some guys look great with long hair. Just depends on the person!

    • Haha I hate the way super short hair looks on me, had it kinda shortish to medium most of the time before, then I'd cut it when it started hitting my eyes lol.

    • Lol :p yeah some guys look better with long hair. Whatever suits you best and whatever you like! My hair is long as HELL and I love having long hair.

  • Omg a crush i had a while ago look so hot with long hair. Made me melt inside he was soooooooo hot lol

    • Dammit I clicked the wrong thing oops lol it looked good on just him... the other guys i saw didn't look so hot

What Guys Said 2

  • I've kind of got a dave grohl thing going on right now

  • I dont like girls with short hair

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