Girls, would you date a guy who wears makeup?

Over the past 6 months I've started wearing things that are considered to be 'for girls'. Like I never would have done this a year ago, but my sense of 'style' has kind of changed and now I wear eyeliner, mascara, neon yellow nail polish and leggings with anime characters on them. And now I found this guy on youtube who has totally inspired me to start wearing full face makeup such as lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, bronzer, highlighter, false lashes (even though I have amazing natural lashes). His name is Manny Mua and he's probably the biggest male beauty vlogger right now. His channel is and he is like my idol right now. Anyway, would you date a guy who wears full makeup or have you been socially conditioned to think that men shouldn't wear makeup and are totally turned off by the idea?

Here's a pic of Manny for people who don't know him

Girls, Would you date a guy who wears makeup?

I think he looks beautiful, I'd totally date him.
Eww no, you need a vagina to be able to wear makeup.
You can wear makeup if you want to, but I wouldn't wanna date you.
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Girls, would you date a guy who wears makeup?
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