When a guy makes a lot of eye contact what does it mean?

There's a guy I like and every time I look up he immediately makes eye contact, or it seems like he was already looking at me when I look up and make eye contact. I always break the eye contact first as well. You would think if he was interested or liked me as well, he would approach me. Does this mean he may be interested or is he just making eye contact when I make it?

Thanks! Also during lunch my friends sat at a table and soon after he and his friends came and sat at the table next to us. He sat directly to my left. This may be nothing but I'm curious. Any thoughts?
Thanks everyone!


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  • Yes eye contact usually does signal attraction, athough I hate it, girls say they used to do it to me when they liked me, I never noticed its not something I usually look about for. It would be more obvious in your case, when it happened to me they were talking to me and I only make eye contact out of sheer politeness, although if he isn't talking to you, eye contact will mean he is interested and he isn't just being polite :P.


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  • it usually means he s finding sumthng different in you and is attracted towards u... he wishes to talk to u... it s an activity to grab ur attention...


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