Why do I like girls that look like chipmunks?

Ever since I was little I always had a crush on my sisters friend. She is blonde, and sexy, with chipmunk teeth. now I've found myself attracted to that same type of look in other women. Do I have bad taste? I find other looks attractive also, but this look just sparks something deep inside me..


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  • i know what you mean

    for me its really slim girls with really nice hips and round faces

    i guess because my first girlfriend was Asian haha ( I called her my asian bite)

    then my second was a really small black chick

    now I'm with this a really slim and native American mix.

    call me a globe trotter haha

    but maybe its all based on what your first experience is and you end up looking for something comparable to your first real crush. that's what I think.

    cuz if you noticed some people always fall for the same kind of people.

    a popular one is girls and asshole.

    its just a guess


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  • Its is not a matter of bad taste at all. Every man and woman has something that just adds a little spark to the person they meet that they like about them for no particular reason. I have something for dark hair and eyes, If we all had crushes on the same type of people then we would all want to marry the same guys and girls.


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