Why most girls dislike hairless arms?

I’ve noticed most gals r ok wid a hairless chest…but they strongly dislike hairless arms.. at least most of ‘em….. y’s dat?


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  • I think it is the manliness thing - Shaving chest or manscaping ok but waxing arms, legs and pits a bit far for some girls.

  • Haha I hope that statement is wrong... mine are 98% hairless. Just naturally!

    • LUCKY you!!!1
      enjoy it man!

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    • @iknowamguy then y don't u start laser hair removal sessions? (if u can afford 'em)

    • ugh WHY should i spend a fortune to get what other men n women have been naturally blessed?

  • i hate woman lol!
    they want hairy arms, but dont like hairy chest and stomach, its either the guy is hairy or he isn't lol!

  • they dislike waxed / shaved hairless arms / legs... but if it is naturally hairless they are all over it.. believe me man...
    you so lucky to be hairless...
    anyway, what did the women say to you about your hairless arms / legs? am just being a bit curious.

    • actually i shave em... i find arm hair gross that's y.

      and never had a gal sayin such thing to me. i just said this coz i read many gals here dislikn no-arm hair

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    • it's yer only option... unless if u shave daily all over yer body in order to look naturally hairless

      i'm answerin here so hans222 won't get unneeded notifications

    • I don't know what you are trying to state here...