Non-dirty ways to turn on a guy while dancing?

Guys: what are your favorite ways to be turned on by a girl while you are dancing at a club? When I go out clubbing, I don't want to look or act like a slut, by grinding a guy like the freakin' energizer bunny (I have actually seen this on the dance floor) but I do want to turn on the guys I am dancing with. The most natural thing that comes to me is to rub the guy's arms so I can feel his muscles and make him feel more masculine and me more feminine. I want to know what other things turn guys on in a good way ?


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  • What your doing is more towards building rapport and not creating attraction. If you wanna get that guy chasing you- you will have to think outside the box and try things that risk your thoughts.

    When I think of what turns me on at a dance floor, it's the stereotypical slut- Go watch stomp the yard and get an idea of the styles you could dance like and still be considered within an "Art" range- rather than like some of these girls that are just looking for a FWB.

    There are many styles of dancing, choose one that works and then pursue that style. My personal favorite is to cross the "slut style" with a more respectful dance that is in an art form, like latin dancing.

    So you got the slutty-latin dancer and you're wanting to turn on the guys- be outgoing. It's not like you both are stripped down to your underwear and getting it on in the middle of the dance floor, it's about making that guy crave you (for the ladies) or making the woman chase you (for the guys).

    It's all in honest fun- so there is no reason to assume your a slut or otherwise.

    (P.s. dancing in the manor depicted above, will also give you one hell of a work out)

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  • In my opinion: most, not all, men are only attracted to a female at a bar for one thing... to get her drunk and get laid. Don't put yourself out there in any type of "slutty" way. This will only get the guys hot and bothered and think "just a few more drinks and she won't say no". Don't TRY to attract men at the bar. Have fun, do what you do... and if he's a respectable guy, he will respect the fact that you aren't "throwing" yourself out there.

    • P.S. I'm a frequent bar goer and go with a lot of male friends... and the females you have referred to, I have seen plenty myself... they get a lot of attention from the men... but not the attention a respectable woman would be proud of the next day.