Does over dressing in college hurt?!

am a guy, almost 20, freshman and go to a university in KS,

i really like dressing, shoes, etc

does over dressing to college hurt? I mean does it send a wrong massage to girls?

for example, I love ties, semi-formal jackets, watches and shoes,

is it okay to wear these stuff to school ?

if not, then what should I wear to school?


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  • I feel like the ties are a bit much for a college student to wear on a regular basis. That's definitely not the norm at my school, but you could get away with the rest of it. Don't go completely out of your style though, it's a part of who you are. Just tone it down a bit.


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  • Unless the university is for something like law, I don't think you should dress like that. Go more casual, it leaves a better impression on girls.

  • its a little weird but I think some people at major universities in the south over dress and that's the culture there. personally unless that is the case for your school I would say just wear jeans and a shirt

    • I don't dress formally all the time,, no..

      but I really consider my clothes (or at least there colors) better than 97% of other ppl's on campus.

      dont get me wrong thu..


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  • If you go to class wearing dress clothes like a suit or something, people look at you and wonder why your so dressed up. There is no reason to get really dressed up in college, most people do at first they wear a polo, comb their hair, and look decent, but soon they will start showing up in basketball shorts, jeans, t shirts and hats. This goes for men and women. No one really dresses up in college, unless its for a reason. College is all about study study study, no sleep or very little sleep and going out on the weekends.

  • i think it's alright here and there but if you do it too much I think you can come across a little "old"

    • You know what the real situation is, even when I don't dress formally,, I don't wear the same kind of clothes that everybody wears around here.