What do you think of girls who wear headbands, or bows in their hair?

1) What do you think of girls who wear headbands, or bows in their hair? Is it cute, or childish?

2) When you texting, or IMing a girl, do you send a heart, randomly for no reason, if you just see her as a friend?


Guy: Guess what!

Girl: What?

Guy: <3)

3) What's your favorite love song?

4) What do you think of girls who are into guns? (Not shooting anything living though, just cans, or targets.)

5) Do you ever do this: Talk to a girl ALL the time, pull away and not talk to her for awhile, talk to her ALL the time, pull away again, etc.?

Thanks so much! :)


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  • 1) All the time? Childish. With the occasional outfit? Cute definitely.

    2) I would never send one. But I imagine not unless he just learned how to create one.

    3) Your Body Is A Wonderland by John Mayer. Because it is chill, fun to sing along to and to make fun of. Also has a hint of a sexual meaning.

    4) As long as she doesn't show me up too bad that will make for a fun date.

    5) Ya I do when I am just in between flings.

    example: I am currently single and there is this girl I have feelings for but they seem to dead end at a certain intimacy and nowhere to go after it. So for lack of a better phrase she is my go to girl when I am lonely. She knows what space she occupies in my life so I am not using her but that's how it happens with me.


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  • 1) Extremely, undeniably sexy if a girl wears a headband. Bows aren't as nice, but still cute.

    2) Almost never. We like you if that's the case.

    3) N/A. I'm a guy.

    4) Sexy, as long as you're thin. Fat girls with guns = repulsive.

    5) Occasionally. But if I stop for longer than 2 weeks, especially if you don't contact me, it's over. I get the impression that you don't like me, and drop it completely.

  • 1. Looks cute, I like it.

    2. Maybe to be funny.

    3. NA

    4. Awesome, I'd love to have a girlfriend I can go shooting with.

    5.not really.


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