What does it mean when a guy buys you a drink?

Last night, I went for a friend's birthday to a local 'Irish style' bar. A friend of hers who I have never met before bought me a beer (I didn't hint or ask for drink).he simply decided to buy me one. I was wondering if buying a drink for a girl is a definite flirting sign, or just a good old fashioned kind gesture. Thoughts, anyone? Appreciate if some guys could answer this question.


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  • It is a very common practice. Guys use it as a way to at let you know that they are a little interested. But you need to realize that you are in no way obligated to talk to them, flirt with them, or whatever, if you're hanging out with friends or whatever. But it does at least open the avenue for the guy, and at least give him a chance to talk to you, and show that he's interested. But the ball is in your court. Just because guy buys you a drink doesn't mean you have to do anything. Just like if a guy gives you his number. You don't have to call him. But it does give you the option.

    • Thanks. I buy my friends drinks all the time (be it a female or male friend), and usually its just a polite gesture or because I am in a tremendously generous mood.

      I asked the question because I wonder if guys feel obligated that a woman keep talking and paying attention to the guy or go on and do her own thing for the night.

      Appreciate the response.

    • I mean, I guess it depends on the individual guy. I'm not going to pretend to be an expert. I'm sure most will think that you owe them something. But they are the one that is buying it for you, so they shouldn't expect anything in return. Like I said, the ball is in your court. If you don't want to talk to them, then don't feel obligated at all. Just say thank you very much. And then return to what you were doing.

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  • It can be both.

    on one hand it's a gentlemanly gesture to buy a lady a drink if she doesn't currently have one. or at least offer to buy you one. usually the first drink only upon just meeting

    or he may have been interested in you and used it to break the ice.

    usually its good to accept it regardless and say thank you.

    just following actions will tell you if he is interested or not.


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  • if its a fella you don't know and they come up offering to buy you a drink well then they obviously are interested! but my fella mates buy me drinks and I buy them ones! we do rounds. sometimes just buy me a drink just being generous like it all depends on the fella really if he's just buying you a drink and nobody else he likes you.but you just don't know by him buying you a drink if he was flirting with you then you would know