If I don't cut my sideburns will it grow as long and fall down as womens hair?

I want long hair. Currently my hair hangs almost till the top part of my clavicles from some hairs of my head.
I'm curious about not shaving my sideburns. Can they be grown long that they fall down like hair and NOT a big bushy beard?
Also I'd like to be clean shaven with the cut a little above my ear.

Are there any women with hair at the side burns that fall down just like normal hair. I knew a girl who had hair like that. It appears she didn't cut it. It was the same as normal hair except it wasn't hair from the normal parts it was side burn hair. Not sayng at all she was hairy. It was hair from where the side burns where her ears were.


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  • I thought sideburns are supposed to be like beard hair. Maybe I was wrong though.


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  • The... no. The length from the sides is not actually from the sideburns , they originate from the side of your head , not your face.
    Clean it up or it'll look messy.

    • srry but what you said doesn't make sense. are you patronizing me

    • oh i see what you mean

  • No, your sideburns are like beard hair