Rate my face?

no matter how low you rate my face you won't hurt my feelings so just be honest and lyin to be nice about it won't help me.


could you rate my face from 1-10 and give me a rating for my face and body combined too
i get mixed messages about this because by looking at hot girls they look away a lot but I also get a lot of looks from other hot girls, usually blonde

i just want to know where I'll generally stand
i don't have self esteem issues. if you say I'm ugly the worst thing I'm gonna do is laugh
those are not the best pics of me I could find, there just how I would typically look if you saw me walking by or something


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  • Let me just say this.. you are very attractive and have you ever thought that maybe those girls looked away because they might have been checking you out and when you looked at them, they looked away because they were shocked that you looked at them or surprised? anyhow no doubt about it you are hot.

    • Not really but, its more like I turn the corner and we see each other for the first time and she looks away, stuff like that happens.

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  • OMG YOUR F***ING HOT **sizzle** haha. and you have AMAZING bod! OMG YOUR A BABE! Why are you asking this question you should know how HOT your are! I wish all guys were as hot as you!

    • See I don't really see that when I look in the mirror, I kinda look different everytime

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    • Im jus like "im ugly", den I get a hair cut or sumtin den I'm like "i could be a good looking guy", then the next time I look in a miror "UGLY" haha

    • Haha, well for future preference YOUR A BABE! **you should be proud of that body of yours too!**


    I kid. :| You're very good looking.

  • You are really attractive ;) I'll give you an 8 above average definitely...

  • Face: 3 - I usually find a guy more attractive if he had a squared jawline.

    Body: 5 - I don't like muscles on a guy too much. Soccer legs are better on a guy, of course. :)


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