How long did it take you to get used to wearing thongs?

What age did you first wear a thong?
Was it comfortable the first time?
How did you get used to wearing thongs?
How long did it take?
How often do you wear a thong?

This question is also for guys don't be shy a few of my guy friends wear thongs I kinda like it lol


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  • 19
    no it wasn't
    I just wear them often
    2 months
    3 days a week

    I wear nice pink male thongs


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  • I wore my first when I was 13 or 14 and have been wearing them wver since.
    I didn't find it comfy the first time, but I did when I wore them more often.
    Just by wearing them often.
    Not too long, maybe a week or two.
    I wear them everyday. I like the stretchy ones h&m sells for beginners best. I started out with a lace one and it wasn't comfortable.. but I got used to it. I like high waisted ones best too. I like how with a thong there is no "line" where your underwear is. I always wear super tight skinnies so that line is as visible as in a legging. They make my butt look better.


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  • I tried once - Never again (LoL)

  • 1. 20
    2. No.
    3. I did not.
    4. I guess forever.
    5. Currently I do not wear them. Maybe I will buy one pair soon nt best underwear for guuy tbh


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  • Those bloody things have to be the next worse man created item, to the bra.

  • I was 14, and it wasn't comfortable. I just wore them for like a week straight and it became like it wasn't even there. I wear them like all of the time now

    • Do you ever regret starting to wear them?

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    • True that do you think that thongs are kinda addictive?
      Because all other underwear becomes uncomfortable after getting used to thongs

    • No they aren't addictive

  • 1: Haven't started wearing one yet. To afraid to ask for one. β˜ΊπŸ˜‚
    2: I doubt it is comfortable the first time.
    3: I don't know how I will get use to wearing one.
    4: I don't know yet.
    5: I would probably wear it at least once or twice a week, because I heard they are not completely safe.

  • I was 14. In start it wasn't comfortable but it looked sexy so i started wearing irrespective of discomfort that time. Now i m used to it. Feels comfortable

  • I've worn them only once, couldn't stand it as it felt like a wedgie. I doubt i'll ever wear one again.