Why Girls Don't Use Skirts Anymore?

I haven't seen any girl wearing skirts anymore

its so awesome watching a girl who can dress like that

just a nice shirt a skirt some stockings and high heels

(I am not asking for a whore just a nice girl with awesome style)


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  • well, I'd go for -mostly- leggings with a long tight shirt or Capri. But some girls prefer skirts as their style. Really, it depends on girl's style or fashion. like when they see that the new fashion for today is wearing those cool shorts, they will and all...

    It's just based on their comfortability. Some girls think that some boys are trying to find ways to look at the bottom of it. Some girls just hate skirts because they cannot run, or play any sports. Because when you wear skirts, you can't stretch your leg widely or move comfortably. some girls are embarrassed when a huge wind comes and her skirt flies and boys could see what she's wearing either her panties/pantyhose/shorts. Most girls find that embarrassing.

    well, that looks pretty good though- wearing a nice shirt, a skirt, some stockings, and higheels or so...((: you're ryt, hardly been seeing girls with skirts.


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  • I agree,I'm with you.I live in skirts,dresses and heels.I think that most and women either look like slobs,or tramps,these days.I love the older vintage clothing,like from 40's,50's and early 60's.Look at how the women,in those older movies dressed.They were so beautiful.I especially love the older vintage lingerie and nylons.

  • Skirts aren't in style as it used to be. Right now the fashion for girls is leggings and a long shirt at least that's what I wear with ballerina shoes. you have to understand some girls "follow" the trend of fashion. So you won't find many girls out there with skirts.

    • Fashion depresses me! 3 cheers for skirts!

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    • Indeed fashion depresses me too, which is why I wear what I want. :)

    • Why do guys just want girls to wear skirts...it's kind of trampy and trashy. Unless they are the long flowy skirts then it's fine.

  • Eep. I'd love to wear a skirt more often but I always feel over dressed when I do wear one. xD

    • Your answer makes me sad! Wear skirts, buck the trend, cause a paradigm shift!

      Up with legs! Up with skirts....ok wait, not like...not like that I just mean...Skirts = Good.

    • XD well now that I know it's allowed, hell yeah I will. lol

  • lots of girls wear skirts and dresses


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