Girls, How did your mom react when you started wearing thong underwear?

What age did you start wearing thongs?
Did you tell your mom you wear them?
How did she find out you wear thongs?
What did she say?
Was it embarrassing?
Does anyone else in your family wear thongs?
Do you still wear them?
Started flossing at 12 lol
Nahh just brought them with friends
She walked into my room as I was getting ready for school and saw me wearing it
She said what on earth are you wearing lol
Yes my older sister wears thongs
I still wear them


Most Helpful Girl

  • I bought one when I was 17.
    I didn't tell her but I asumed she was going to find out anyway..
    She found it in the wash.
    She asked me why I bought it and said that it doesn't look respectable.
    It made me a little nervous. I just said that I thought it was pretty. After trying to argue with me, she let it go.
    Iv'e got no idea if any other family member owns thongs.
    I still occasionally wear them if i'm in the mood, but notas much as I used to since i've grown out of it and mostly go for comfy.


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What Girls Said 6

  • When I was a teenager, my mom bought me some thongs and said "at some point you're going to have to learn how to wear these. They don't make panty lines." I tried and could never get used to them lol. I stick with my comfy bikinis.

  • She had no reaction. I have the right to chose what underwear should I wear... I guess my mom wears thongs too, because I saw her buying them. I started at 16 I guess...

  • I first purchaaes my underwear with my mom. On our second or third purchase of underwear she herself bought me thongs and that was at the age of 15.
    Yes i still wear and my mom. has no objection

  • Didn't tell her.
    My mom doesn't need to know the underwear I wear lmfao

  • I don't wear thongs. I wear bikini.
    My mother would never approve of me wearing thongs... 😆😆😆

  • I never started :p

    • Try one you might like it lol

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