Girls, What did you think the first time you wore a thong?

Do you remember what your first thong looked like?

How old was you?

What did you think when you first pulled it up?

Where did you first wear it? (school, home, gym ect)

Was it comfortable?

How did it make you feel?

Why did you continue to wear them?

Did you feel pressured into wearing thongs?

How long did it take to get used to?

How old was you when you started wearing thongs everyday?

Do you still wear thongs if yes why do you still wear them?


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  • sits down with a bag of popcorn this could be interesting


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  • Can't remember
    That it was weird
    School and to see my boyfriend
    Not at first
    Made me feel like I had a wedgie
    Guys like them and they sometimes make me feel sexy
    A day
    I've never really worn them everyday.
    Yes because they make my butt look good and my fiancé likes them.

    • One day to get used to lol
      Very lucky mine felt like a wedgie all week haha

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    • one of my ex always wore thongs and it was like heaven to me. I think she got used to it at some point before we even met. if you want your boyfriend to be excited about undressing you all day then wear a thong

    • I'm a lesbian lol my girlfriend wear tangas but I'm trying to get her into thongs lol

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  • I just remember that was of black color.
    And I was of 17 and I wore it in home. First it was strange wearing that but after that it looked me sexy and i continue wearing it

  • I was 14


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