Why do some guys prefer plain girls to dolled up girls?

How do you feel about girls who like to doll themselves up? Long hair that's usually styled, wears makeup, gets nails done and tries to always wear new cute clothes?

I would assume that most people prefer the look of this type of girl because it DOES look better. I recently met a guy who met me on an "off" day and he kept overcomplimenting me saying how gorgeous I was and all that, when really I looked a mess and I was at work too. then he saw me again another day and on that day I was "on". I was the description in my first paragraph. he made a comment about why I was doing that "fake stuff" and said that he preferred the natural look. I actually don't really think it's appropriate for a guy who barely knows you to negatively criticize your appearance like that anyway, like if you want a natural chick you need to go find erykah badu because that's not me lol...but anyways..what makes some guys prefer plain bummy looking girls over girls who actually look good?

when I say look better: lets just say there are 2 girls, equal height weight face body hair, etc..but Girl 1's hair is a little messy/ungroomed, her eyebrows are full and kinda bushy, she has no makeup on (she has flaws in her skin like most humans, so don't picture a model) and basically she just looks like she got out of bed...compared to Girl 2 who just got her hair done from the salon, her nails are done, she has on a cute outfit and she has on light flattering makeup that improves her appearance.

isnt it odd that this guy would prefer Girl one when Girl 2 obviously looks better? The first time I met this guy I got kind of odd vibes from him, so i"m wondering if he might be one of those guys who wants a girl he feels has low self esteem and doesn't take care of herself so he can mistreat her or take advantage of her. it just doesn't make sense why you would compliment a woman you barely know when she looks bummy but the next time you see her criticize her when she looks good?
Why do some guys prefer plain girls to dolled up girls?
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