Girls, First time you wore a thong?

Just brought my first pack of thongs today lol to wear with leggings but WTF they are soooo uncomfortable!!! They are plain cotton with a thin back help

When did you start wearing a thong?

Was it comfortable?

How did you get used to it?

Do you wear thongs to school?

How do you get changed for gym class?

Do you feel sexy when wearing a thong?

How often do you wear thongs?


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  • I began wearing them in 8th or 9th grade, at first they were pretty uncomfortable and it felt weird but you will totally get used to it.
    I do wear them to school, because they're comfy to me and I feel better because I don't have to worry about my panties showing or something. Since girls in my class didn't wear them, it was quite weird to change for P. E. I always change in the corner of the changing room, out of a habit, so I just turn so that my butt doesn't show haha
    I do feel better wearing one because I'm not very into those big ass panties... I don't know
    I now wear them nearly every day and most of the time I just forget that it's not a normal pantie.

    • Brilliant answer!!
      Do you wear leggings? Because when I do my bum wobbles lol when I wore knickers it was OK but with a thong no bum support I feel really self councious

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    • Haha makes the boys look

    • definitely haha!

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  • Around 13-14. It feels fine. Its easy to get used to if you don't constantly think about it. Yeah people won't generally are what you're wearing underneath so it won't really matter. I get changed like I normally would but if you aren't comfortable with that then don't wear one to school. Yes! Regularly

  • 1. 1 year ago
    2. Very uncomfortable
    3. I just wear them more often.
    4. Sometimes depends on the outfit.
    5. Like normal
    6. Yes
    7. Often

  • I wear this kind
    I don't remember the first time but I do remember throwing away the cotton thongs and replacing them with seamless microfiber which is softer and it feels even better than going commando lol

  • When I was 12, I acidentally bought them and I put them on... they were uncomfortable


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